What Fruit Can Dogs Eat?

Most dogs enjoy fruit, and it makes a great treat.


What fruit can dogs eat? Grapes and grape derived products like raisins are not safe. Aside from that notable exception many common fruits are safe for our dogs. Some fruits can be added to your dog’s regular meals in small amounts, and many make tasty treats. Like any treat, though, don’t over feed them.

Fruit  Dogs Can Eat

Some fruits that dogs can eat safely are:

Offer your dog small pieces of fruit to find out what he likes. Some dogs enjoy many fruits, while others have more particular tastes. You can even use them to make yummy frozen treats.

Many fruits have a high sugar content, and coconut has high fat content. Stick to small amounts of these fruits, especially if your dog is prone to weight gain. Choose fresh fruits, not canned or frozen, which may have a lot of added sugar.

Can Dogs Have Grapes?

No, dogs cannot have grapes. The tartaric acid in grapes, raisins, and sultanas are toxic to dogs and can cause kidney failure.

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