Letters from Readers: March 2017


I have been a subscriber for years to Whole Dog Journal. I am always particularly interested in the approved dry (and canned) food lists. This year’s “approved dry foods” list is a little weird. It says it’s the 2015 approved dog foods instead of 2017. My other concern is that Fromm, the dog food I’ve been feeding my babies, is not on the list this year. Please be kind enough to let me know why Fromm is not on your list this year. I am very concerned!

Sharon DiDomenico
via email

The “2015” was the sort of typo that will recur in our nightmares for a decade. What appeared in the February 2017 issue really is the 2017 list.

Also, we’re very sorry about the accidental omission of Fromm Family Foods. The company did provide us with the information we asked for; their response got lost in (considerable) shuffle of information. They were added to the online version of the magazine. Had it appeared in the print version, their entry would have looked like the following. We regret the errors.

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I read with interest Cynthia Foley’s article on honey (“Raw Honey for Dogs,” WDJ January 2017). Manuka honey is expensive, depending on the strength you purchase. But the healing power is worth the cost.

I used Manuka honey on my 14- year-old Lab/Shar Pei-mix. She had ripped open one of her pads and was having a very difficult time getting it to heal. I used a veterinary-prescribed ointment with fresh bandages as required, while using a boot to provide protection. Two weeks later, with the wound getting worse, I did some research and read reviews of Manuka honey and its healing power. I spoke with my vet and decided to give it a try.

I purchased some that day (strength: MGO 400+) and used it in place of the ointment. I kept the injury wrapped, changing the bandage and refreshing the honey daily, with a boot to protect it. In a week, any skepticism I had disappeared. The results were impressive.

Internally or externally there are huge benefits with its use in both dogs and humans.

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Rich Dolphin
via email

I especially appreciate the yearly issue regarding your dog food recommendations. I have noticed that Avoderm is one of the approved products. I once read that avocados shouldn’t be fed to dogs due to the presence of “persin,” causing diarrhea and vomiting. Is this information incorrect?

Marilee Ager
via email

Avocado pits and skin can cause digestive upset in dogs. But the flesh of the avocado can be quite beneficial.

I’ve always enjoyed and have referred to the wonderful WDJ for some years. I must commend you on your fine articles and good information. But my dog has passed away, and I don’t know when or if I’ll get another. I thought you may be able to use these older journals. You may know of more people that could truly benefit from reading them. God bless you for the exceptional help you’ve given others.

Loretta Mazzei
Pittsburgh, PA

That’s so sweet! We’ll ask whether one of the prison-based dog training programs we profiled in “Prison Dog Training Programs” (May 2016) can use them. But we hope you have an opportunity to share your home and heart with another dog.