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A cute brown and white mixed breed dog stares at the camera as it lays comfortably on the beach surrounded by beach chairs.

Can Dogs Get Sunburn?

Dogs can get sunburn despite their fur. This is not only uncomfortable for the dog, but can increase their risk of skin cancer the same as it does in humans. Plan to provide sun protection for your pooch during outdoor activities.
Brown and white boxer dog leaning on balcony as if he's looking outside, barking or howling

How to stop a dog from barking

Dogs bark for many reasons, but the overall reason is communication. You may just want to know how to stop your dog from barking,...
Happy joyful dog while walking in park. Day in the life of dog with disability.

Wheelchairs for Disabled Dogs

Most of us have seen a dog using a wheelchair to carry his paralyzed or weak back legs. But did you know there are...
Woman lying sick on sofa with her dog

Can I Give My Dog COVID?

Research on canine-to-human and canine-to-canine transmission of COVID strains is inconclusive and data is frequently conflicting. Dog and other pet owners should be cautious and look for signs of COVID infection in their pets, and limit contact if they themselves test positive.
A vet examines a small dog for health issues.

Histiocytomas in dogs

Histiocytomas are skin tumors that are raised and hairless and may be flesh-colored, pink, or red. They often look like a small button on the skin. These benign tumors that are most commonly found in dogs less than 6 years old.
A black lab sits on its hind legs on an empty wooded trail with fallen autumn leaves, licking its tongue humorously.

Why Dogs Lick Excessively

Dogs may lick their lips in anticipation of food or a tasty treat. However, the behavior can indicate a variety of health issues when it isn't associated with food, a treat, or a reward.
A black labrador retriever pays close attention to its owner's hand command.

How To Train a Deaf Dog

Training a deaf dog requires patience and consistency, just as training a dog who can hear does. While replacing the verbal “sit” with a...
This overweight dog suffers from Cushing’s Syndrome, causing him to experience constant thirst, drink too much water, and have to urinate frequently. Photo by ktaylorg, Getty Images

What is Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

Cushing’s disease in dogs is a syndrome that occurs from too much steroid, whether natural or steroid medications.
adorable lying small pregnant dog protects stomach from young woman hand growling

Why Do Dogs Growl?

Here’s what you need to know if you’ve ever wondered why your dog growls when you pet her, pick her up, brush her – or why she ever growls!

Don’t Punish Your Dog For Being “Too Good”

Sometimes our easy-to-live-with dogs receive minimal attention from us, as we work more with our more challenging dogs.

The Veterinarian and Vet Tech Shortage Is Getting Really Scary

Back in July, I wrote a piece for this space about the increasing frequency of reports I was seeing about emergency veterinary clinics suspending...

Disaster Readiness – Yes, Again!

If you have been following the weather news, you might have guessed what this post was going to be about, am I right? So, we...

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Canine Obesity: It’s a Big Problem

Most of the dogs in the U.S. are overweight, their owners don’t know it, and their veterinarians don’t feel comfortable talking to their clients about it.