Special Needs Training

dog hand signal for stay

Training Dogs with Hand Signals

Silent cues are useful in any situation where your dog can't hear you, whether he's across a field from you, with you at a parade, if he's deaf, or suffering age-related hearing loss. There are two philosophies about training dogs with hand signals. Some people like to use small, subtle signals, barely visible to the human eye. A tiny finger movement cues the dog to lie down. Another elicits a sit. A small wave sends the dog into heel position. Impressive – it appears that the dog is mind-reading!

Caring For Paraplegic Dogs

Nita was a standout among her littermates, clearly the most vivacious of a lively bunch. Her owner, Lyn Dodd, still chuckles at the thought of her favorite dog, a happy companion in her customary shotgun seat, riding around in Dodd's pickup truck. It wasn't until Nita was 14 1/2 years old that she began having health problems. One day I noticed that Nita was sitting in an odd way. Her hind leg looked funny the way it sprawled out to one side

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