What do you do when you hear “that” sound?


“Urp. Urp. Urp.” You know, the sound that tells you your dog is just about to vomit.  It sure gets your attention. And calls for action. But do you take it?

If he’s somewhere like the middle of your bed, carpet, or sofa, and he’s just about to vomit, do you grab him and carry him to a less-padded spot, or in the case of bigger dogs, shove him off? Or do you feel sorry for him, allow him to finish, and clean up the mess?

I found myself wondering what other dog owners would do the other day, when little Tito suddenly started urp, urp, urping while sitting in the middle of my guestroom’s bed, as I worked on the computer on the desk. I jumped up, but then I did feel sorry for him, and allowed him to finish. It meant putting the comforter – and because I pulled the comforter off the bed as soon as he was finished, the sheets and mattress pad, too – casualties of the second vomit, a few minutes later — in the washing machine. And I asked myself, how many people would have grabbed the 10-pound dog and run for the back door, or even kitchen (vinyl floor), where the cleanup would have taken a minute, instead of more than an hour? 

Maybe the action taken depends on the size of the animal, and what he’s been fed. I probably wouldn’t have allowed 70-pound Otto to vomit on the bed.

Dog owners? Is something wrong with me?


  1. Are you serious? I would do the same thing I would do with kid or with me. Direct them to a place that is more appropriate. For humans…..the bathroom, a trashcan, outside, a bucket…..something. A dog, off the damn bed or couch for sure…..and NO!, not on that rug. I hear it and my immediate reaction to the dog is “outside, outside, outside!” My last thought would be, “hey, just lay there on the bed and vomit out all your stomach contents”.

  2. I am totally with you. I can’t lift my dog nor would I push her off my bed. I let her do what she needs to as it’s nothing that can’t be thrown in the wash. I am not going to terrorize my dog especially she is not feeling well.

  3. I wake up from sleep and shove them off my bed onto the wood floor, it’s much better than scrubbing it if my bed

  4. Wow I didn’t realize people would be rude to animals like that. How would you feel if someone shoved you off the bed because you didn’t feel good and were gonna throw up. The blankets can easily be thrown in the wash. As for humans they can tell you if they aren’t feeling good and you can redirect them to the bathroom or wherever. Animals can’t tell you and if they are already starting to puke why would you pick them up and run, shove them or push them when it could make their stomach more upset and cause more issues possible. Also why move them when it could make a bigger mess. Maybe it’s just me but I treat my puppy like a princess and she is my world (same as you would a child) and if she is not feeling good then I’m just gonna be there for her


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