Press the Button, So They Won’t


I can’t remember if I’ve written about this before, but if I haven’t, I should have. How many of you have electric windows in your car? If you do, and your dog can reach the window, you should always press the LOCK button on the electric windows. I could end this reminder right here.

Hound Looking Out Car Window

I am fostering a hound – and can I just ask right now what it is about hounds? Why do they get into on everything you don’t want them to? So many of them are so smart, so agile – and fortunately, so sweet, because you want to wring their necks one minute, and the next, you want to hug them for an hour. But this hound I am fostering, even with a harness and seat belt, she manages to step on the buttons on the arm rest in my car. She did it with a back foot the other day! She has locked and unlocked my doors, and of course, made her window go up and down, every time I forget to press the window and door “lock” button. I’m slowly but surely getting trained to hit that button every time she gets in the car.

I don’t have a horror story to tell, thank goodness. But I’ve heard plenty, about dogs jumping out of car windows, and dogs getting their heads trapped in a window that was closing. So just do me a favor and consider either crating your dog and securing the crate properly  (something I can’t do with this big dog and my small car), or pressing the lock button, even with your seatbelted dog – especially if he or she is a hound!

If you have a car-button-pressing  dog and a horror story to pass along, to cement this public safety message, please do share.