Dr. Taylor


Dr. Taylor

In the upcoming April issue of Whole Dog Journal, new contributor Cynthia Foley discusses “10 tips for senior dog care” – things that you can do to help your senior stay healthy longer! She quotes a couple of our favorite veterinary sources, who shared some of their favorite “recipes” for a dog’s active longevity.

Editing and fact-checking the article gave me an opportunity to exchange greetings with one of those sources, the highly experienced holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jenny Taylor, owner of Creature Comfort Holistic Veterinary Center in Oakland, California. Dr. Taylor is one of the “things” I miss most about living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I used to live about 10 miles from her clinic, and she was my go-to vet for almost everything, from basic wellness exams, to diagnosing and treating a sick animal, to veterinary acupuncture for my senior dog (one of the things she recommends in the article for keeping those oldsters moving well, by the way).

Have you ever been through a harrowing and scary medical experience with a skilled and caring practitioner, and then found yourself feeling emotional every time you think of that practitioner for years afterward? That’s how I feel about Dr. Taylor. She’s a highly intuitive doctor with great instincts and a lot of skill. Her dog-handling manner is warm and caring, and I trust her implicitly. And I haven’t found another practitioner I feel the same way about, even in the nine years it’s been since I moved three hours away from the Bay Area. So if my dog Otto ever developed a serious condition, to find out what was wrong, I’d surely consult with the internists/diagnostic experts at the whiz-bang, high-tech emergency/specialty clinic about a half-hour from my home. But I’d also then drive those three hours as often as it might take for Dr. Taylor to oversee Otto’s care and treatment.

Do you have a veterinarian you feel bonded to for life? Go ahead and recommend him or her in the comments!


Dr. Taylor






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