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Signs That You Love Dogs

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I was driving the other day and saw a car with a personalized license plate proclaiming their love for "K9S". I love seeing dog-related personalized license plates, but I never thought to take pictures of them and "collect" them before - and I don't know why! (I think we should use the WDJ Facebook page to make a collection of them! If you have a dog-themed license plate, post a photo!)

When I saw this car in a parking lot, I laughed out loud in recognition: Here's another person who loves dogs - and whose dog loves them, apparently. I bought a new car in 2014, and the very first scratches its paint received were from my grand-dog, Cole, who jumped up to greet me (after I parked and my son came out of his house with Cole to help me carry stuff into the house). I love my car, but I still smile when I think of Cole's happy greetings.

Perhaps no dog owner's car is without these, though - a sure sign that your dogs accompany you. 

What signs of dog-love do you recognize in the parking lot or on the highway?

Comments (10)

I had a friend who got a driver's license for her dog in California . It looks pretty legit ,enough so that when she was pulled over ,she gave the officer her dog's license . He laughed and didn't ticket her .

Posted by: hiking bruce | November 9, 2015 6:19 PM    Report this comment

Remember when it was great to where black. I had a new
black sweater sitting on the bed, getting ready to go to
dinner. When I turned around there was a lovely, long
tongue depression, that my german shepherd puppy had
designed, right down the front of the sweater,
with a slight curve. I actually wore the sweater to dinner.
What can I say ! ! ! ! !

Posted by: Libertyone@aol.com | November 5, 2015 12:17 PM    Report this comment

Nose prints, dog crates, paw prints and in my case a thoroughly licked truck cab. My aussie gets up on the dog crates in the back of the truck and carefully licks the top of the cab so that half of it is clean (unless standing on the cab itself which she does sometimes then the whole thing is clean). That's a sign only I would recognize. :)

Posted by: Chaosbean | November 4, 2015 8:48 AM    Report this comment

I wish CT only had back plates, but alas we have to have front and back. If you want a personalized plate, you have to pay DMV extra - the 3rd highest tax state in the US only outdone by Hawaii (#1) and California (#2). Also, I am not sure how you would go about getting a plate personalized with a picture of your dog or if you even can in CT. You can get a UConn Husky personalized plate. Being a fan of the Women's UConn basketball team, I would love to get that, but can't afford it on social security. No raises this year is the rumor, which no doubt is true as either last year or the year before, we got a whopping 1.2% and the house and senate voted themselves a 6% raise. Hopefully, the Federal Government decides to have another shut down and this time, I pray it is forever.

Posted by: huskydog | November 3, 2015 9:46 PM    Report this comment

Arizona doesn't issue front plates so each front plate is up tp the car's owner. My wife's front plate is a picture of three German Shepherd Dogs. One is a black and tan, one is all white and the other is all black. That matches our three dogs. People chuckle when they see the dogs get out of her Mini Cooper. "The dogs are why I got the big Mini" [a clubman] she tells them. There is no such thing as a big Mini. The dogs get in, lay down and that's it, no room to move around. Most of the time they ride in my "furmobile."

Posted by: RonS | November 3, 2015 3:08 PM    Report this comment

Not on a car or highway but I once saw a lady at the dog park wearing a t-shirt that said 'no outfit is complete without dog hair'. Loved it!

I have an 18 yr old van I only keep to drive my dogs around in. Makes my mechanic nuts...lol, but its perfect for my dogs, who shed like crazy.

Posted by: Scamp's mom | November 3, 2015 12:45 PM    Report this comment

"The view is always better with nose prints on the glass" 😉

Posted by: Mbdaniel | November 3, 2015 12:36 PM    Report this comment

Nose prints on the inside of the back windows of a car are dead giveaways that some lucky dog gets to go for car rides!

Posted by: Jenn | November 3, 2015 12:25 PM    Report this comment

No scratches, but I do have dog drool down both sides from the back window. Also, doggie seat covers on the back seats - plus lots of dog hair, which I'm sure the guys at the car wash just love!

Posted by: MJC | November 3, 2015 11:30 AM    Report this comment

My license plate isn't memorable, but the license plate holder of my well-traveled SUV says "If it weren't for the dogs I'd be a Porsche".

Posted by: peppersmum | November 3, 2015 11:04 AM    Report this comment

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