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Dr. Taylor

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Dr. Jenny Taylor examines one of her senior patients, who receives regular acupuncture treatments to keep him mobile and feeling good.

In the upcoming April issue of Whole Dog Journal, new contributor Cynthia Foley discusses “10 tips for senior dog care” - things that you can do to help your senior stay healthy longer! She quotes a couple of our favorite veterinary sources, who shared some of their favorite “recipes” for a dog’s active longevity.

Editing and fact-checking the article gave me an opportunity to exchange greetings with one of those sources, the highly experienced holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jenny Taylor, owner of Creature Comfort Holistic Veterinary Center in Oakland, California. Dr. Taylor is one of the “things” I miss most about living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I used to live about 10 miles from her clinic, and she was my go-to vet for almost everything, from basic wellness exams, to diagnosing and treating a sick animal, to veterinary acupuncture for my senior dog (one of the things she recommends in the article for keeping those oldsters moving well, by the way).

Have you ever been through a harrowing and scary medical experience with a skilled and caring practitioner, and then found yourself feeling emotional every time you think of that practitioner for years afterward? That’s how I feel about Dr. Taylor. She’s a highly intuitive doctor with great instincts and a lot of skill. Her dog-handling manner is warm and caring, and I trust her implicitly. And I haven’t found another practitioner I feel the same way about, even in the nine years it’s been since I moved three hours away from the Bay Area. So if my dog Otto ever developed a serious condition, to find out what was wrong, I’d surely consult with the internists/diagnostic experts at the whiz-bang, high-tech emergency/specialty clinic about a half-hour from my home. But I’d also then drive those three hours as often as it might take for Dr. Taylor to oversee Otto’s care and treatment.

Do you have a veterinarian you feel bonded to for life? Go ahead and recommend him or her in the comments!






Comments (13)

Dr. Chadd Tindall in Stockton NJ is the best vet we have ever known. I had not been travelling for a while because of having a lot of old dogs. I had a chance to go to Ireland and England where my husband was working and Chadd said "go and I while take care of your furchildren if anything happens". I boarded the dogs at Pierson Creek in Lambertville NJ (wonderful boarding kennel) and flew to Ireland. My first night there I sent an email to Kyle who owns Pierson Creek and all was good....1/2 hour later I received an email that Stanley (my most challenging dog) was not acting like himself so he was taken to Chadd's house. Stanley stayed with Chadd for a few days and then went back to Pierson Creek. Stanley received fluids and had blood tests while with Chadd and we never did figure out what was wrong....but I knew he was in good hands. When we retired and moved from NJ to NC we were so sad because we thought we would never have such a good vet for our dogs.....but we did find another wonderful vet and her name is Dr. Joanna Tysor in Siler City NC......so once again our beloved old dogs have a wonderful doctor in their lives.

Posted by: Olivia | March 24, 2015 7:10 AM    Report this comment

I'm trying to find advice on what to do about an elderly dog who has started defecating in the house at night. Barby Otter

Posted by: Barby Otter | March 23, 2015 11:12 PM    Report this comment

Dr. Malia Haddock of Cascade Park Animal Hospital in Vancouver, WA. She is wonderful all around, but especially fantastic with senior pets. It is a case of true vet-client love!

Posted by: Acdouglass | March 20, 2015 2:11 PM    Report this comment

Our dear Sam-I-Am was 10 when she passed two years ago this May. Since a pup, she was our autistic son's buddy, our warning system that he was going to blow, and the goofball who could make even the worst day one that we were thankful for. Sam was a lively 10 year old catahoula x shepherd and we're thinking we all missed something that day that she suffered an stroke. It was an awful day, but the staff of Hyway 2 Vet Clinic walked with us the whole way. From agreeing to accept Sam when the animal control people were able to get her into the van, to stopping the animal control people from putting her down immediately instead of getting a check with the Vet, to walking my husband through her final hours. They fought for our Sam and for our family. They gave more than anyone should and we love them so much for it. Now, a picture of Sam sits in their office and they extend that warm and loving care to our wee Beagle pup, Ella. Dr. Birch, Dr. Donovan, Dr. Ellis, Dr. Cathy, Allison, Jenn, and everyone else, thank you! You truly have been a blessing to our family.

Posted by: Wee Ella | March 20, 2015 11:21 AM    Report this comment

Dr. Kathy Ranzinger in Apple Valley, MN. BEST VET EVER. She took care of our Rottie when he had bone cancer. We had a six pet household all the years we went to Dr. Kathy...she was always patient, thorough and very gentle with our pets...always determined to work hard at finding a solution to whatever issue one of the pets might be having. We don't in MN anymore so she can't be our vet anymore but we sure do miss her.

Posted by: Nancy Halverson | March 20, 2015 10:30 AM    Report this comment

If my dogs veterinarian closes his practice I might have no other chance than to put them up for adoption! (not!). I have utilized Dr. Roy Appel for all my dogs medical care since I was a teenager. His caring devotion to animals to his skilled analysis always being right on target, rates him #1 in my dogs care. He is a one man practice available 24/7, even staying overnight with urgent care pets.

Posted by: Pickle77 | March 20, 2015 8:49 AM    Report this comment

Two vets will always be family for me after the amazing care they've given my boy:

Dr. Rebecca Campbell - Symphony Vet Center in New York City
Dr. Emily Abraham - Knowles Animal Clinics (Central) in Miami, FL

Both these doctors are not only extremely gifted and professional, but they are also incredibly compassionate both with my baby and me.

Posted by: DManzini | March 20, 2015 8:40 AM    Report this comment

Dr. Brown is my 13.5 yo Steve's ophthalmologist in Jacksonville, FL. who also travels to practice in Tallahassee and Pensacola. In northern FL he & Dr. Chandler are the goto eye specialists When Steve needed cataract surgery at 11.5 yo Dr. Brown answered all my questions, made sure Steve was an excellent candidate for surgery and had such a great 'bedside' manner that even Steve loves to go and see him. Last year Steve's eye became infected & ulcerated - Dr. Brown prescribed several drops & salves to hit the infections 'hard'. Within hours his eye was improving and it healed exactly as Dr. Brown hoped it would. Everyone - if your pet ever has an eye issue - go straight to an eye specialist who can properly test & evaluate the problem - it's worth every penny and I believe not only saves your dog's eyesight but also saves money in the long run. If you are in the top half of FL - just go to Dr. Brown - you'll never meet a kinder, gentler and amazing eye vet.

Posted by: SooZoom | March 19, 2015 2:56 AM    Report this comment

Most everybody at Otterkill Veterinary clinic in Campbell Hall, NY, was superb. I really wished I could've taken my choc lab back there when he developed cancer at age nine. But we lived in Colorado by then; the experiences with him and two other old labs have been horrible.
Not until we found Dr Tom Churran ( who makes house calls from his clinic in southern Colorado) have We begun to feel more confidence in vets.
For a great avian vet, Dr Marty Kuhn, north Co. Springs, is also superb.

Posted by: Beau's Beau | March 17, 2015 3:40 PM    Report this comment

I have been, extremely fortunate. Over, the past 30 years. I have had Four!!! New Jersey has some fine finds and there is Ryan's Animal of Uni.ofPenn. just, over the bridge. Dr. Dym, who now, unfortunately resides and practices, in Florida. I miss his dedication and avocacy. Dr. Leaned Walk of Ventnor, who lives his professional accumen, on his sleeve. Dr. Edward Sleeper, founder of Mount Laurel Animal
Hospital, In Mount Laurel, graduate of the University, where by the by his daughter Megan is head of Cardio-vascular Pulmonary, there. He is my most revered and beloved cannine guardian and a dear and extraordinary gentleman of the highest renown and reguard, side-lined, by illness to my great sadness and sorrow. He is held deep, in my heart, thoughts and memories. He is a mentor and a kinder, more soft spoken, sensitive, involved and gentle spirit of the rarest nature and calling.

Well, (4) may have been a wee bit premature, as I almost left out a most beloved Lady of no small fame, Dr. Jean Dodds. Hemopet and Greyhound blood-bank, in California. My devoted service dogs, benefactor and a true friend. She co-wrote a new book, called; "Nutrigenomics". Invaluable read. She is a participant speaker, in Dogs Naturally's, webinar "Raw Round Up" Check it and DogsNaturally, there is yet, time to benefit. Lastly, but certaintly no way least, My "GoTo" primary veterinarian. Dr. Russell Howe-smith. Pet P.T, Cherry Hill, where we reside a stones throw, away.

,My most trusted and, as his motto reads; "Compassion" is Our Passion, in spades. He truly lives, by his word and is someone, without who's, tireless efforts, experience, insight and love for his charges, on a deeply felt personal level, which extends outwardlly to encompass the feelings and fortunes of others - hands on. I would be, at a tremendous disadvantage and tragic loss, in Sammie Madeliena Elizabetha's care and support system. He is "Guardian Ad Lititum" to her, in my stead, as I am I'll and disabled and, in my senior years. She is (61/2) young, in no small part, due to these now overseeing her health, wellfare, well-being and nutrition life-long. May, with thir inter-action and continued dedecation to her, be for many vital years to come. So. My answer is a most definite YES!

Thank you, for providing get a medium to voice, my appreciation and love I hold for them.

Just, Ritche 4 Sammie Madeliena Elizabetha.

Posted by: Just Ritche | March 17, 2015 1:58 PM    Report this comment

Dr Cindy Wallis, in Carbondale, CO! She has seen my pets and those of my clients and friends through many lifetimes, their health maximized by her incredible care, love and skill. She's told me she is on earth to care for animals, period. It's her life, not just, or chiefly, her livelihood, and it is her greatest joy and satisfaction. Her practice is TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) - which encompasses, but is not limited to, acupuncture, nutrition and herbs. But she is always learning and integrating valuable knowledge from all traditions. Her practice is so important to her clients that they all recommend her, and it is difficult to get an initial appointment. Once you are her client, however, she will see your animal when he needs her, at any time of the day or night. I don't know how she does this, but she is the most skilled and compassionate and dedicated vet I have known, in my nearly 50 years of working with animals.

Posted by: LaurieR | March 17, 2015 9:23 AM    Report this comment

Dr Joan Antle stopped practicing when she had a son who is now 14 and we still miss her, along with Dr Alice who left active vetting to pursue other animal related causes. Joan was dedicated, caring, and listened...and nobody did as nice a job trimming nails as she! If she had not listened we never would have figured out what was wrong with my Ali, and have put her on the right track which brought us more time together. Joan believed in the power of love and the human animal bond. I miss her terribly as a vet, but am glad we have stayed friends and get to see one another once in a while when she isn't home schooling her son. I still have hopes she will return to practicing at some point.

Posted by: robin r | March 17, 2015 8:49 AM    Report this comment

Absolutely no doubt..Dr Joan Antle...she became pregnant and had a son she is devoted to home schooling about 14 years ago. She lives near by and we have remained friends and see one another now and again when she has time...but she is an outstanding human...dedicated, caring... No other vet I have seen compares; no one was as attentive to nail trimming:-) She believed in the power of love and the human/animal bond. Most importantly, she listened...and if not for that we never would have put my little love Ali on the right track which gave us more time with each other.

Posted by: robin r | March 17, 2015 8:45 AM    Report this comment

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