Crate Training Tips


A crate is an invaluable management tool. It is an artificial den for your dog that makes housetraining a breeze and gives your dog a safe place where he can stay. Here are some tips to remember:

  • It should never be a place of punishment.
  • Your dog may adjust more easily to stays at the vet hospital when he can take his portable bedroom with him.
  • Puppies can be crate trained with relative ease, so start early.
  • Crates should be just large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably.
  • Start with the door open and just toss the treats inside.
  • Gradually toss the treats further and further until he is stepping in to get them. At this point you can use verbal cues, such as “go to bed”.
  • When your dog is staying in the crate with the door closed for at least 10 seconds without any signs of anxiety, close the door and latch it. Then step away from the crate.
  • When you are not actively training, leave the crate door open.

For more details and advice on crate training, download Whole Dog Journal’s ebook Crate Training Made Easy.