(Play With Your Dog #3) Playing With Your Dog – Family Interaction


Everyone in the family, including children, should play with their dogs. Even young children can be suitable playmates for many dogs, with some important caveats. Assuming your dog likes to play, the more humans she gets to play with, the more humans she’ll think are wonderful because they make good stuff happen, and the better socialized she’ll be. Dogs who are will-socialized are far less likely to bite or otherwise engage in behaviors that are likely to get them into serious trouble.

In addition, the more that each family member has fun interacting with the dog, the more likely it is that the dog will stay in that home for her entire life. Play helps build strong bonds, and relationships that support lifelong loving homes for canine family members.

For ideas and advice on the best ways to play with your dog and the benefits to both you and your dog purchase Pat Miller’s book, Play With Your Dog from Whole Dog Journal.



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