Weight & Fitness Handbook


Get Fido from fat to fit!

We have a weight problem. Too much fat in the food, not enough exercise, too many snacks.  No, not just people, but our dogs!  In fact, one study suggests that almost 83% of our dogs exceed their recommended weight!

But now, with Whole Dog Journal’s downloadable e-book of WEIGHT & FITNESS HANDBOOK you’ll discover the diet and exercise regimen your dog needs to stay healthy.

In this unique publication you’ll learn:

  • Which breeds are most susceptible to obesity (the results will surprise you)
  • How to determine if your dog is overweight (hint: can you feel her ribs?)
  • Which diet dog foods will keep your dog healthy and satisfied

Canine obesity leads to a litany of health problems (diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and liver and urinary tract malfunctions, just to name a few), and can take years off your dog’s life.  But with the right diet and exercise program you can avoid these and other painful and costly illnesses and keep your dog happier and healthier.

So start shedding those pounds (no gym membership required!), order your downloadable e-book of WEIGHT & FITNESS HANDBOOK today!