Training the Best Dog Ever


Take a positive approach to training your dog into a model canine citizen. All it takes is 10-20 minutes a day and in about a month, you’ll have the dog you always dreamed of.

How? The secrets are in Training the Best Dog Ever, an easy-to-follow book from trainer, the late Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz and dog writer Larry Kay. Working at your dog’s own pace, using her natural instincts, you can quickly and easily teach her to go potty on cue, ride peacefully in a car, enjoy her crate and so much more.

You’ll learn:

-The best time of day to train your dog
-How to use training treats and why a treat pouch can hurt your efforts
-Why the sit cue is more than a cute trick
-How to introduce distractions to your training routine so your dog is ready in the real-world
-Solutions to behavioral problems like resource guarding, separation anxiety and  aggression

Training the Best Dog Ever gives you a five-week program using the power of positive reinforcement to get your dog to be a welcome part of your family. Whether you have a new puppy or bringing home an adult rescue with some behavior problems, this program is simple and works.

Give your dog the solid foundation she deserves. Make her a happy and safe member of your family. Order Training the Best Dog Ever today!

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