Raw Dog Food


For centuries, wild dogs and wolves consumed uncooked meat, chewed and digested bones and ate the occasional veggie and plant. Over-processed, grain-based foods were not a part of their diet.

So why should your dog eat any differently than his ancestors?

Introducing Raw Dog Food, a book by Carina Beth MacDonald that will show you how to get your dog on the road to better health.

You’ve certainly heard of the many benefits of a raw diet. And you’ve probably considered giving it a try. But you have questions and maybe some worries about its safety and cost. By reading Raw Dog Food, your fears will be alleviated, your views enlightened and your dog put on a path to long-term wellness.

Never feed a dog a bone? Yes, cooked bones can be dangerous and should be avoided but there are numerous types of raw bones your dog can chew, digest and benefit from with little risk of harm.

With a raw diet, how real is the risk of salmonella, e. coli and related illnesses? It can happen but remember dogs are physiologically equipped to deal with a much heavier bacteria load than we are with their short, very acidic, digestive systems.

Doesn’t crunching on kibble keep your dog’s teeth clean? Of course not. Dogs don’t get cleaner teeth by eating kibble, any more than you will by eating cookies. All your dog gets is a lot of fermenting goop between his teeth.

Isn’t a raw diet really expensive? No! Everything you need is available in your local grocery store. And if you stick to a wide variety of inexpensive meats and raw meaty bones your dog won’t be missing anything nutrition-wise and your costs will be equal to or less than the better kibbles on the market.

Feeding your dog is easier than you think. Raw Dog Food will show exactly what you need, teach you how to get started and explain the positive changes you’re sure to see in your dog’s health.

Get back to what nature intended, today! Give a raw diet a try.

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