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Kennel Cough


Get the Toolbox for Preventing and Treating Kennel Cough

Kennel cough, like the common cold in humans, is highly contagious, rarely fatal and runs its course in a few days. Yet, when you hear your dog hacking, non-stop, you’ll do anything to help him and halt the coughing. Kennel Cough, Prevention and Remedies, a new ebook from Whole Dog Journal, is your indispensable guide to helping your dog get through this annoying condition. And, you’ll also learn the best ways to prevent kennel cough, and its spread, in the first place. Flower essences, essential oils, natural cough syrups, inhalants and numerous immune-system boosters should all be a part of your toolbox for this condition. The ebook, Kennel Cough, Prevention and Remedies, outlines each of these and more, giving you the resources you need to prevent and treat kennel cough. So before you vaccinate your dog for kennel cough, get a copy of this comprehensive ebook, and learn all of your options.

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