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Canine Hearing Loss


Time to Keep an Eye on Your Dog’s Ears?

What you can do when your dog can’t hear you.

If you have an older dog, congratulations. You know the love and care you’ve given your dog over the years and you also recognize the affection you’ve received back.

But with old age, comes some challenges. And a common ailment found in older dogs is hearing loss.

Now, from Whole Dog Journal, you can read ways to manage your dog’s condition in a downloadable ebook, Canine Hearing Loss.

Re-train your dog to “listen” when called. Learn to rely on hand-signals to get the behavior you want. Rethink your schedule and habits to keep your dog out of dangerous situations.

Whole Dog Journal’s Canine Hearing Loss shows you how to effectively shift your behavior to adapt to your dog’s changes.

So stop the yelling and start reading. Take a look at Canine Hearing Loss today!

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.