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Adopting Your New Dog: What To Do with Your New Dog or Puppy


New Dog? Expect the Unexpected!

You’re excited for your new puppy or dog to come home. You bought some food, chew toys, a crate, a collar and leash. But are you ready? There’s a lot more preparation required.

Learn what’s ahead and what you can do in a new ebook from Whole Dog Journal, What To Do with Your New Dog or Puppy.

From day one, you need to be observant and diligent and know how to react to unexpected behaviors. Especially if you’re bringing home an adult dog. What should you look for?

Health issues – It’s not uncommon for a previously undetected health problem to lead to behavior issues. These days, many shelter dogs come with a free “well-pet exam.” Often, private veterinarians in practice near a shelter generously offer their services at a discount for dogs adopted from the shelter or rescue. Take advantage of the offer as soon as possible, as health and behavior issues can hopefully be nipped in the bud.

House Soiling – Some adult shelter dogs are already housetrained. Some are not. Depending on how house-proud you are, house soiling may be a minor annoyance, or a major affront to your sensibilities. When you bring your shelter dog home, assume she isn’t housetrained, and put her on an express puppy housetraining schedule.

Chewing – If you think adopting an adult dog is guaranteed to save you from chewing disasters, think again. While puppies are the masters of chewing behavior, dogs really do chew throughout their lives.

And so much more!

What To Do with Your New Dog or Puppy is filled not only with things to be on the lookout for but solutions as well. Socialization tips, dealing with bouts of separation anxiety, recall training, ways to get your dog to walk on a leash, advice for a multi-dog household and more.

Let Whole Dog Journal show you the way to a perfect dog adoption. Download your copy of What To Do with Your New Dog or Puppy.

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.

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