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Beware of the Dog – Ebook


Frustrated with aggression in your dog? Looking for ways to prevent such behavior? Time to move on from dominance theory, alpha rolls, punishment and other outdated practices. Time to read Beware of the Dog, Positive Solutions for Aggressive Behavior in Dogs.

Acclaimed dog trainer, Pat Miller shares up-to-date, dog-friendly methods to manage and modify aggressive behavior as well as ways to prevent it altogether. Filled with step-by-step instructions and advice to help your dog in stressful situations, Beware of the Dog will guide you through behavior modification plans along with ways to avoid common stressors altogether.

Beware of the Dog teaches you why dogs act aggressively, ways to recognize the important warning signs of aggression, the value of basic puppy training and socialization and positive training techniques to minimize growling and barking and prevent snarling and biting.

And if you have a serious aggression problem on your hands, Beware of the Dog provides advice and recommendations for finding proper, professional help. Questions to ask. Certifications to look for. And warning signs to look out for.

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Not interested in the ebook version? Beware of the Dog is also available in book format. Click here for more details.