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Canine Skin Allergies and Skin Care

Quick: What’s the number one canine disease complaint heard by veterinarians? That’s right, it’s itching and scratching. “My dog is ripping himself to shreds!” “She’s almost bald from chewing herself!” “He’s rubbing himself on the carpet, the furniture, and even the walls!” Many people seem to think that all dogs scratch themselves. Of course, pretty much every dog will scratch for a moment if they get a little itch, but that’s not what we’re discussing. The scratching we’re discussing – the scratching that is of real concern – is not occasional or casual.

Webinar About Canine Allergies April 22

It's amazing to me that even people who have fairly serious allergies themselves often fail to see the similarities between their own condition and their dog's allergies. Many people are quite experienced at avoiding the substances to which they are allergic – but don't realize that it would help their dog considerably if they would invest some time in trying to identify the substances to which their dog is allergic and limiting the dog's exposure to that allergen.

My Dog’s Springtime Allergies: RIGHT on Time

In past years, I've discussed my system of keeping a yearly calendar for my dogs that is loaded with notes about their health and behavior. It helped me identify the earliest signs of Otto's springtime allergies, and take proactive management steps to minimize his suffering.

(Canine Allergies #2) – How to Stop The Itch

Most holistic veterinary practitioners recommend switching any itchy dog to a complete and balanced home-prepared diet containing “real foods.” This will decrease the dog’s exposure to unnecessary or complex chemicals and give his body the opportunity to utilize the higher-quality nutrients present in fresh foods. Whether the diet is cooked or raw, the increased nutrient quality and availability of fresh whole foods will improve the health of any dog who currently receives even the best dry or canned foods.

Finding the Right Pre-Mixed Diet for Dogs with Food Allergies

Deborah Allen, of Boise, Idaho, feeds a dog food diet that combines a commercial pre-mix with raw ground turkey to her two Labrador Retrievers: Hartford, a highly active, 6-year-old working guide dog who weighs 76 pounds; and Lily, a moderately active, 14-year-old retired guide dog who weighs 53 pounds. Their veterinarian says both dogs are healthy, but they have begun losing weight and developing skin problems in the last few months. Hartford is about 4 pounds and Lily about two pounds under their ideal weights.
dog allergy medicine

Groundbreaking Dog Allergy Medicine: Apoquel and Cytopoint

Apoquel and Cytopoint, both manufactured by Zoetis, have been around for some time now – eight years and five years, respectively. They represent the...

Prevent Dog Ear Infections by Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

As a small-animal veterinarian, I see dogs for “check ears” appointments daily. Ear problems are common in dogs – the basic anatomy of the...
close up of dog with eye discharge

Dog Eye Discharge

A weeping, oozing, gummy, or crusty discharge from one or both of your dog’s eyes might be nothing – a result of the eye’s natural...
dog check up

What To Expect From Your Dog’s Check Up at the Vet

How often your dog should be seen by your veterinarian, and what sort of routine screening diagnostics should be conducted, are highly dependent on...
can dogs drink milk

Can Dogs Drink Milk & Eat Dairy Products?

Whole Dog Journal is reader-supported. If you purchase through links on our site we may earn a commission. Whole Dog Journal does not accept...
best dry dog food

What’s the Best Dry Dog Food?

What’s the best dry dog food? What should I feed my dog? If we had a dollar for every time we’ve been asked those...

Chronic Ear Infections in Dogs: What You Need to Hear

Given that itchiness" is the most common reason for veterinary visits