Features August 1999 Issue

Keep Your Dog Cool in Hot Temperatures

These products promise to cool down the hottest dogs; just a few deliver.

With temperatures in the 90s and 100s in recent weeks, WDJ decided it was a perfect time to test products designed to keep canines cool during the dog days of summer. We found a number of products that utilize the same technology: polymer crystals that absorb several times their weight in water, then release the water over a period of several days. The evaporation of the water creates the cooling effect.

We were somewhat concerned that there would be little variation between the products, but to our surprise, we found a huge difference in the quality and effectiveness of the various brands. The products we liked best “plumped up” quickly, evaporated slowly, were made of durable materials, and appealed to our test dogs.

Keeping your dog cool may not be much of a challenge when you’re at home, but what about at dog shows, when he must be crated in warm weather, or on car rides? In a stifling environment, these products could make all the differencefor your dog.

Please note that all of these pads release moisture from underneath. Indoors, they must be placed on a waterproof surface.

Click here to view the cooling products.

-By Pat Miller

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I loved the product review for keeping your pup cool in the summer. I searched the web for the ComfyCool mat and cannot find the company or another company that sell it. Can you provide a web address?

Posted by: berner-mom | May 4, 2014 4:08 PM    Report this comment

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