Features August 2017 Issue

Stop Your Dog's Demanding Behavior

If your dog has learned to scratch at the door to get you to let him in or out, he can easily learn to do some other behavior – one that’s more acceptable to you – to communicate his need to enter or exit. This time, you will teach him what behavior will get him the result he wants.

Stop Your Dog's Demanding Behavior

Some of your dog’s “demand behaviors” might be cute, but others can be annoying or destructive. Teach him a better way to get what he wants!

A dog’s demand behavior is her effort to communicate her wants and needs to you. Her demand behaviors increase in intensity because she is frustrated when she doesn’t get what she wants. Imagine how frustrating it would be to keep asking for something and have someone deliberately ignore your requests. No wonder she gets frustrated! When you think about it, it is a true marvel of our unique relationship with the canine species that they are able to communicate so effectively with us, and we with them.

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