Letters June 1998 Issue

Letters - 06/98

Editor’s Note: A reader reported difficulty ordering “The Culture Clash,” a book we recommended in the May issue. Our local bookstores had no trouble finding the book, but in case you did, we can recommend one source that has the book in stock: “Dog and Cat Catalog,” (800) 776-2665.

Our recommendation of AniMinerals, a trace mineral supplement made by Pet’s Friend, Tamarac, FL, was inadvertently omitted from “Super Supplements” (May 1998). This fine product can be ordered from Pet’s Friend, (800) 868-1009.

Caution about liver treats
Your article about treats (May 1998) proved to have practical value to me. One of the top three rated treats, Old Mother Hubbard brand “Liv’R’Crunch” biscuits, came with an appropriate caution about a potential risk of vitamin A toxicity, as should be the case with any beef liver-based food.

I was unaware of this risk, and since I use “Liv’R’Crunch” as a primary training reward, I followed up with my veterinarian and Old Mother Hubbard with the specifics of how much I use, and determined that I should probably cut back. What I learned from that one article more than paid for my subscription.

-Tony Stalls
Arlington, VA

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