Sound Solutions

Looking for a quick fix for a problem with your dog? It's probably not here.


Many of the people reading this have the magazine in their hands (or these words on their screen) because they once went looking for an answer to a problem they were having with their dog. They may have Googled the problem and found a WDJ article on the topic in their search results. Or maybe they asked a friend for advice, and the friend gave them a copy of the magazine that had an article on the subject – what to do about dogs who jump up or bark, or dogs with diarrhea or allergies. I’m pretty sure that in the past 22 years, we’ve had an article that has offered sound solutions for just about every problem you can have with a dog! (And lots of articles on non-problems, too, of course!)

And then, maybe they responded to a pop-up ad with a subscription offer to WDJ, or they sent back one of those cards that fall out of the issue, agreeing to look over a free issue. 

If this describes you, welcome! Whichever way you came to be reading this, I’m pleased that you’re here, because you’re clearly someone who loves your dog more than most – why else would you even consider subscribing? Rest assured, you are among your people. We’re highly invested in our dogs. We’re motivated to provide the best food and health care for our dogs and interested in learning effective, dog-friendly training methods that will improve both our dogs’ behavior and our relationship with them. 

One word of warning, however: If you’re looking for quick fixes to health problems that took years to develop or tips that will instantly stop your dog from displaying behaviors he’s been practicing for months, you’re probably going to be disappointed. While many of us have learned things in WDJ that made some aspect of our dogs’ lives better overnight, by and large, the sort of information we specialize in here is usually more involved than the sort of glossy “Just use these essential oils and voilà!” five-minute non-solution that proliferates in these short-attention-span times. Think about it: While a calendula tincture can promote nearly miraculous healing of a hot spot or other vexing skin problem, it doesn’t address the cause of the skin injury or prevent it from recurring. An article in this publication will not only tell you where to buy the herbs and how to make the tincture, but also how to investigate the underlying cause of the dog’s skin irritation and stop it.

 We take the same approach to behavior problems. We absolutely will be able to help you and your dog – if you’re willing and able to do put time and effort into helping your dog. If you’ve come here looking for answers, we’re glad to have you, and we invite you to stay for solutions.