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Taking Care of Your Senior Dog eBook from Whole Dog Journal

Did You Say Something?

If we’re fortunate enough to have them live to old age, at some point, most of our canine companions begin to lose their hearing...
How to Walk Your Dog eBook from Whole Dog Journal

Utilize Target Training for Better Leash Walking

Excerpted from How to Walk Your Dog by Pat Miller, CPDT and Mardi Richmond, MA, CPDT-KA Does your dog know how to target? If not,...
Chill Out Fido! Book from Whole Dog Journal

Less Commanding, More Rewarding

Excerpt from Chill Out Fido! by Nan Kené Arthur Dogs are persistently manipulated with verbal commands, equipment, and physical prompting to perform behaviors (such as...
The Recall: Teach Your Dog To Come When Called eBook from Whole Dog Journal

Ways to Fail at Training A Recall

Let’s consider a few common training mistakes when training a recall cue: Recall is a learned behavior, just like anything else you teach your dog....
Home-Prepared Diets eBook from Whole Dog Journal

Raw Meaty Bones As Part of Your Dog’s Diet

Most of us who feed a raw diet to our dogs include whole raw meaty bones (RMBs), animal parts that are at least half...
Dog being walked by owner and pulling on the leash.

Dog Growled? What NOT to Do.

Excerpted from an article by Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA What many people don’t realize is that aggression is caused by stress. The stressor may be...
close up of tick on dog

How to Get a Tick Out

HOW TO REMOVE A TICK I have heard countless methods for tick removal: Paint a tick with nail polish and it will detatch from the...
Dog Dangers

Dog Safety in the Home

The Problem: There are any number of dangers for your dogs at home, including things they can eat, things they can chew, things they...
Dog Bites

Growls Are Good!

Let’s say, for example, a dog is not fond of children. A child approaches and the dog growls — his attempt to let us...
To crate train an older dog you must communicate that the crate is a safe protected place.

It Is Not a Prison

A crate is not a place of punishment. Never force your dog or puppy into a crate in anger. Even if he has earned...
Canine Allergies

Canine Allergy Basics

In the simplest terms, allergy is the result of an immune system gone awry. When it’s functioning as it should, the immune system patrols...
The Recall

How To Add a Cue

If you want to teach your dog a new behavior, you must first “show” the dog what to do and make sure the behavior...

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Canine Obesity: It’s a Big Problem

Most of the dogs in the U.S. are overweight, their owners don’t know it, and their veterinarians don’t feel comfortable talking to their clients about it.