Dry Dog Food

Dry Dog Food Can Expire and Make Your Dog Sick

The idea is shocking to many dog owners: Their dog's food can make him sick? Of course it can all foods, whether intended for humans or pets, can be dangerous if they were improperly manufactured or stored. It's interesting, however, how few people suspect their dog's food when he becomes ill, especially if they have been feeding the same food for years and years.

Whole Dog Journal’s 2004 Dry Dog Food Review

How do you select your dog’s food? Do you buy what your favorite veterinarian tells you to buy? Grab whatever is on sale? Feed what your dog’s breeder sent him to you with? Allow your dog to sniff the bags in the pet supply superstore and choose the one he spends the most time with? For shame! None of these methods gives your dog his best chance at eating top-quality food.

Whole Dog Journal’s 2003 Dry Dog Food Review

You should be pleased; commercial food makers are producing more good quality products. But you still have to choose the one that’s best for your dog.

Whole Dog Journal’s 2002 Dry Dog Food Review

How to recognize good foods, bad foods, and the food that’s just right for your dog. (Brace yourself: we’re going to name names.)

Whole Dog Journal’s 1999 Dry Dog Food Review

There are countless pet food manufacturers calling their foods “premium” these days, but were you aware that the word doesn’t actually mean anything? That is, there are no official requirements that a manufacturer has to meet in order to call its food “premium.” And, unfortunately, there are also countless dog owners being taken in by this appellation – people who want “the best” for their dogs, and trust that a high price tag and the word “premium” on the label means they are buying the best food their Buddys could ever want.

Toxins That Can Arise in Dry Dog Food

For those of you just coming on board: In the July 2000 issue, we published an article called Hidden Killer in Dog Food." The article was inspired by a "case history" we received from a reader who had been through a harrowing experience with her dog. It took the reader several months – and a small fortune – to determine that the sudden onset of very strange and serious neurological problems with her dog was caused by a naturally occurring toxin in her dog's food. As we stated in that article

Whole Dog Journal’s 2000 Dry Dog Food Review

The choices you make in selecting which dog foods to feed your pooch are probably more important than any others in terms of your influence on your dog’s health, no question about it. And yet, trying to get some straight information about how one can identify and select a high-quality, healthful dog food is like trying to get the president of the United States to admit he’s done something wrong: you’ll hear lies and innuendo, you’ll be led down false trails, you’ll hear conflicting information.

Canned Dog Food or Dry Dog Food? We’ll Help Break it Down

Caring guardians of companion canines often wonder whether one form of commercially prepared food – kibble or canned – is better than the other. The truth is, both types of food have relative advantages and disadvantages in terms of palatability, digestibility, and necessity for preservatives or other chemical additives. While they generally meet the same chemical composition standards in terms of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, these types of food provide very different nutritional value.

Whole Dog Journal’s 2001 Dry Dog Food Review

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