Dog Training Books

WDJ points toward the best new books on dog training and care.


Summer is here again, and those eagerly-awaited long, sunny days give us the perfect excuse to catch up on our reading – it’s too hot to train the dog! (Or jog, or clean house, or weed the garden, or…)

Dogs are a hot topic these days (no pun intended) and it seems that every publisher under the sun has a new dog book to promote. We are thrilled by the number of new books we can choose from to help us expand our knowledge and understanding of our canine pals. But it’s important to be selective when choosing which of the many offerings to bring home. Not all training books are created equal; some promote training methods that are ineffective or even downright cruel, especially in the hands of training novices.

Fortunately, there are a number of really outstanding training books out there as well, and we’ve highlighted the best ones below. As our regular readers know, we have a bias when it comes to training methods – we promote the use of positive methods, and condemn the use of punitive methods. So, for this review, our book selection criteria included:

• The author must advocate and give solid instruction in the use of positive training methods

• The book must offer lots of useful information on dog care and training to a wide audience

• The more photos that clearly illustrate the methods, the better

• The book must be enjoyable to read and well-written.

We hope you enjoy our selections. Pull out the lawn chair, a cookie jar for you and one for your dog, and happy reading!

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-By Pat Miller