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Got Any Good Dog Naming Stories?

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Whole Dog Journal Training Editor Pat Miller wrote an article for the January issue about why and how to teach your dog his or her name (“Say My Name”). She mentioned in the article how important it was to pick a good name for your dog, and shared the story of how she and her husband named a few of their dogs. She also challenged readers to share their dog-naming stories, and promised to award a signed copy of her latest book, Do-Over Dogs: Give Your Dog a Second Chance for a First Class Life, to the three readers who submitted the best dog-naming stories. (If you haven’t yet submitted your story, send it to WDJEditor@gmail.com or Whole Dog Journal, 1655 Robinson Street, Oroville, CA 95965, before January 31.)

My favorite dog name was one that confused everyone outside my family, but made perfect sense to us. I was the youngest child in my family and the last to leave home – and I took my two big dogs with me. This left our rural family home guarded by two yappy Yorkshire Terriers, and a small mixed-breed dog named Andy (although a boyfriend later dubbed the dog “Bob Newhart,” because his demeanor was just as determinedly milquetoast and comical as the comedian of that name). Feeling a bit lonely and vulnerable, my mom bought a German Shepherd Dog puppy from a friend who bred and trained protection dogs, and she told everyone that the pup was going to be a fierce watchdog. Not long after high school, my oldest sister had dated a beefy and intimidating Harley-riding Samoan man, and my mom named the dog after him. The idea was that the rapidly growing Shepherd would scare people the way my sister’s old boyfriend used to.

My mom’s plan backfired for a few reasons. One was the fact that the breeder, knowing what a marshmallow my mom was, sent her a particularly sweet, “soft” puppy – not a watchdog candidate at all. Also, out of loneliness perhaps, she allowed “the watchdog” to stay indoors most of the time . . . watching soap operas on the sofa with her and all the little dogs. The lanky puppy grew up feeling like a tiny terrier. And with none of the kids living at home, guests were infrequent, and the pup grew up into a shy and un-socialized dog who was more likely to hang behind the over-confident small dogs than to stride forth and guard the gates. This was ironic for our family members and close friends, who remembered the fearsome biker whose name the dog shared. But it was just plain confusing for everyone else. Why would you name a German Shepherd “Collie”? (Well, she didn’t. His name was pronounced like the Lassie type of dog, but it was spelled the Hawaiian way, “Kale.”) Oh well. My mom wouldn’t have known what to do with a guard dog, anyway.

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My pets all have names that fit in the theme of old Hollywood. It started with Kathrine. She is tall and thin asnd very smart so of course she must be Kathrine Hepburn! Then came the English Bulldog. With his jowly face and trim musculare body what else could he be but Brando, I always joke that he has old Brando's face and young Brando's body. When I got a pug puppy, he had huge eyes and a round baby face so he was soon dubbed Orson after the brilliant Orson Welles. When I got two rabbits, they were soon named Hitchcock, because that one was absolutely round, and Eastwood, because that one was the stud bunny and he needed a name that would inspire lots of babies!

Posted by: Toni B | February 16, 2011 9:34 AM    Report this comment

Haley, like the Comet Hale-Bopp

At 4 months old, she came to us with the name Hilary. This was the time when Hilary Clinton was 1st Lady and during the Monica Lewinsky Fiasco. People's reactions to our puppy having the name Hilary was intense and ranged from a chuckle to a sneer and rolling eyes.

The name and the reactions didn't suit her incredibly soft and playful nature. Plus, she had been fostered for months and had come to us with a dislocated hip and unable to walk on all four legs. She greeted everyone with exuberence and didn't need all those weird reactions.

We knew we had to change the name, but didn't have any ideas coming easily forward. So we decided to ask her directly what her name was. It had been a few years since the extraordinary comet Hale-Bopp had dazzled the skies but it had made a huge impression on us. So when she told us, "Haley, like the comet!" We understood.

The comet was a spectacular site, special beyond words, it grew brighter and brighter, and remained visible for a long time. We were sold on the name, our very own magnificent, special, bright shining star, Haley. She has lived up to her namesake and become an extraordinary therapy dog for children, adults and even other dogs!

Posted by: sandyrakowitz | February 12, 2011 8:46 AM    Report this comment

When the blind/deaf malti-poo that will spend the rest of his days being loved & spoiled rotten, was rescued from a county shelter he appeared to be a drunk old man. Therefore the name "Tipsy" seemed perfect. Dandy the miniature poodle is Dandy because he is such a "fine and dandy" dog.

Posted by: rescue5mom | January 27, 2011 8:07 PM    Report this comment

My newest dog, Phoenix, has a good naming story. My husband was trying to convince me to let him get an old car to fix up, a 67 Pontiac Firebird. The deal was that he could get his car if I could get a new dog. Phoenix fit him perfectly. He came to it when I called him it at the breeder's house. Since Phoenix is also the bird that rises out of the ashes, his name is two fold. I have had one breed of dog that I was breeding and showing, but I had decided to go a different route... therefor he is my "new beginning" (also his registered name).

Posted by: Resolute ES | January 27, 2011 5:05 PM    Report this comment

Our shelter dog came with her first name, Sasha. Our last name is May. We were at the dog park and there are a lot of Sasha's so I would call her by her entire name Sasha May. There was a women standing next to us one evening and she said "Oh that is so cute. What is her last name?" I replied "May". She said "Oh, her name is Sasha May May". I looked at my husband who immediately had to leave because he couldn't contain his laugher and said, "No, that is her full name Sasha May". To this day as a joke I call her Sasha May May or just May May with a smile.

Posted by: Sheri M | January 17, 2011 8:06 PM    Report this comment

I adopted Zoe, formerly 'Princess' from a local shelter in 2003. Zoe was found as a stray and her owners never came to claim her. After looking through a baby book to find a new name, I changed Princess's name to "Zoe" because the name means 'life', and that is exactly what I was giving her, 'a new life'.

Posted by: bxrmom | January 16, 2011 7:41 PM    Report this comment

Munch, a dog who came to us nearly starving, joined our home while we were raw feeding. We gave him kibble believing we were going to find him a home. We had forgotten how much noise kibble eating dogs make while feeding him several small meals thru the day.....so his name became Munch and he was too attached to us and vice versa, so he still lives with us.

Posted by: GEORGIA D | January 15, 2011 7:52 PM    Report this comment

Cecelia's first puppy was an un-papered German Shepherd we got from a ranch in the Southern California foothills. The new dog-loving owner was going to leave nothing to chance in naming her six-week-old with giant paws that would need growing into. From the book store, she got a giant book of alphabetically listed names, knowing she could perhaps give it as a baby shower gift, later.

With great anticipation, she sat down with her book, a cup of coffee and a lined tablet. She was prepared to spend a few hours of study and contemplation. She eagerly opened the book and scanned the first few pages. "Artemus!" She loved the name, and was sold. The rest of the book remained untouched.

Posted by: Henry with Champ | January 15, 2011 2:37 PM    Report this comment

When we got our Aussie Kaci, my boyfriend just drove around with her, saying names until he said Kaci...she cocked her head and looked at him...so Kaci it was. Molli (Sheltie) was named Montana when she arrived and he kept calling her Dakota and say "what is her name?"..."Can't we call her Molli or something?" so Molli she became. Brody JRT/Lab was named Weezy (after a Rap Music artist?) when he came to us. I RUFUSED to stand in the yard and yell Weezy when I wanted him to come...and Brody just came to me. Rose was my boyfriend's Mom's dog and she came to live with us after Mom passed away. She was a pound puppy, Border Collie mix, since the hottest movie of 1997 was Titanic...his sister named her Rose Dawson after her favorite movie. Sadie (Border Collie mix) was found by a friend and brought to me...they had named her Sadie and I kept it...except I call her Crazy Sadie because of her energy level and my boyfriend, an Eminem fan calls her Slim Sadie.
The Cats? Jenna, Captain Crunch, Fruit Loop, Kiki & Fifi.

Posted by: KimmiJo | January 14, 2011 1:55 PM    Report this comment

A lot of my dogs have been named after characters on my favorite TV shows.
I used to watch a TV show called "Due South" a number of years ago.
The wolf-dog mix on the show was named 'Diefenbaker'. For some reason that name just reasonated with me and I promised myself that the next male dog I got would get this name.
My next Doberman was a male and the shelter called him 'Freddie', which I hated. He was beautiful, black & tan, and so regal but he had that one-of-a-kind botched ear-crop that Dobes sometimes wind up with. Diefenbaker was the perfect name for him. We called him 'Dief' for short and I sometimes called him 'Diefy' or even 'Fi-Fi', but no matter what I called him, he always knew when I was talking to him.
Dief's has been the only name I ever pre-selected for an animal and we were both lucky that it suited him so well.

One of my female Dobes came from a puppy mill situation. She had been bred nearly to death and had finally been abandoned, staked outside (with an old chain-collar embedded in her neck) and left to die without food or water when she was too old to produce any more puppies.
She had broken all 4 of her front teeth trying to bite through the chain to free herself and many of the back teeth were ground down from chewing on the chain. She ended up having 19 teeth removed and when she smiled all you could see were the 2 top canine teeth, giving her the look of a Jack-O-Lantern.
The logical choice for a name would have been something Halloween related, but she deserved better.
I wanted a name that would embody the sheer determination-to-live that this dog had displayed as well as her strength and grace.
One of the female characters onthe Star Trek TV show was a beautiful warior and a survivor.
It was her name that I chose: Kira Nerys.
The first time that I spoke her new name to her Kira leaned into me and just sighed, then she gave me her big Jack-O-Lantern smile.
She was finally safe; and she was home.

My most recent puppy is 'Wishbone', named for the dog-hero of the Wishbone TV show.
Wishy is a typical puppy and, so far, can only be trusted out of my sight when he's sleeping.
The TV show dog was amazing: well-behaved and well-trained, so this is actually 'wishful hoping' on my part.

Posted by: rsqdogsmom | January 12, 2011 12:49 PM    Report this comment

My Golden Retriever was named after the vet that performed a c-section on her mother when she was born. The mother had severe complications and almost died,so she is named Beasley after the vet, Beasley Lockhart DVM. Beasley (the vet)is actually a nickname because she loved the little Mrs. Beasley doll from the TV show Family Affair. The name Beasley is fitting for my Golden because she is a big part of our family and is a beautiful blond girl that I cherish and love, a true Family Affair!

Posted by: doglover66 | January 11, 2011 9:08 PM    Report this comment

We recently went through the process of finding a new addition to our family and adopted a new pup who came to us with the name of Brody. For some reason, my husband and I could not seem to get his name right. One minute we would call him Bailey, the next Logan, the next Brogan. Try as we might we couldn't seem to get it right!

We have worked with dogs from rescues and knew that dogs can be renamed with a little training, so finally we decided we had to figure out what to call the newbie. My husband wrote down all the names on paper and threw them into a hat. First I choose. I read the name and then put it back in the hat. We stirred, and then my husband choose. The consensus? 2 votes for Logan and so Logan he is!

Posted by: AmyLynn M | January 11, 2011 8:03 PM    Report this comment

When we found a breeder of English Pointers, we considered a bunch of names, all centered around the singing group of the same name. But when I found out that the mother's name was Luna (goddess of the moon) and the father's name was Ringo (as in Ringo Starr) it seemed logical to find out if Ringo Starr ever wrote a song with the word Sun in it. Sure enough, internet research led me to a song he wrote called "Sunshine life for me". His AKC name is Sunshine Life 4 Me, but we didn't think he looked like a Sonny, so his call name is Oliver. He's a perfect Oliver, and, thanks to his mom and dad, is a first generation American puppy. He looks the part, and mugs for photos by sticking his lower lip out, like a grand pout. What a dog!

Posted by: BARBARA LEVERITT | January 11, 2011 6:52 PM    Report this comment

Zoe was my first dog, named after a Greek friend said "zoe" means "life" in Greek, and full of life she was. Penny was my second dog, an airedale mix, of whom a neighbor said "she has copper highlights in her fur" and that name stuck as well. Jake was another "creative" name, we thought he was a Jack Russell and did not want to name him, well, "Jack", so Jake it became (Jack was a good friend's name, a little too confusing!)And he turned out to be a rat terrier. Now we have Dixie, adopted from Texas, named after the Dixie Chicks, also from Texas. And we have Mitzi, short for Mitzvah which means "good deed" in Hebrew, we adopted her as an amputee puppy. *Note to TRANERLADEE, both of my rat terrier boys, the aforementioned Jake and my current Petie (who came with his name) have been also called "Little Man" as secondary names.

Posted by: kimfatty | January 11, 2011 2:54 PM    Report this comment

My husband wanted to get a pup to train for pet therapy. We had met a breeder of Chinese Shar Pei at a dog show, and wanted to get one of her pups. A few months later we received an email saying she had an accidental breeding with one of her champion females and was looking for a good home for the pups. We went to see the offspring of the champion fence-jumping Border Collie. He chose a Shar Pei looking male who was petrified with fear at the first car ride and the poor pup was sick all the way home for two days in the back of the SUV. What to name him? Since he was a big mistake, we call him FoPaw...the dog spelling of the french faux pais. Despite his initial fears, he has become a fine therapy dog and his name always brings a smile the the patients whose knowledge of French is sufficient.

Posted by: JUNE D | January 11, 2011 2:38 PM    Report this comment

In 2003, I had my Rottweiler, Katy, diagnosed with terminal cancer after falling down the steps at my house. As a result, I euthanized her to prevent any further pain and suffering. Her best buddy was a long haired pug/shihtzu mix named Zoe. Her nickname was Bobo. Bobo adored Katy. Seven days after Katy was euthanized, Bobo began having seizures. Since I couldn't watch her during the day, I carried her to the vet every morning so that they could tend to her in the event of a seizure. On the third day, I was on my way to pick her up at the vet's. I work in a bad neighborhood and was passing by a street named "Beloved". There sitting on the corner was a tiny red puppy. I stopped and walked up to the pup. Unlike most pups that don't know you, she didn't run but immediately sat down and looked up at me. She was so pitiful. Very thin, mange on her tail and just not living a very good life. A lady was sitting in a car next to her when I drove up. I asked her if she had dropped the pup and she said no. I told her, regardless, I was taking the pup. So, off to the vet we went to pick up Zoe. I took the pup inside and told them to treat her, vaccinate her, send her to the humane society and send me a bill. Zoe and I went home that night. Later that evening, Zoe passed away on my bed having never recovered fully from the seizures she had been suffering. I was devastated having lost two of my beloved pets in ten days. I had Zoe cremated and went to pick her ashes up at my vet's office. I asked about the puppy and whether she had been sent to the humane society as I had requested. They said that she hadn't and that she was still in back. So, I went to the back, saw her and took her home along with Zoe. They had named her "Hope" at the vet. I thought that was a crappy name for a puppy. But, she did her normal thing - just sat in the car seat and looked up at me. Her bright red hair shining. It seemed only fitting that she have a happy name. So, I looked at her and told her, "your name is Lucy". Since then, she's been my constant companion. Somehow, someone knew that the loss of my pets had to be made right and gifted this wonderful dog to me. I'm thankful for her entering my life when she did. It made what was otherwise a totally unbearable time in my life at least have one positive memory. A memory that has now lasted for over 7 years.

Posted by: JACK M | January 11, 2011 11:56 AM    Report this comment

My Brinca was easy to name, she told me what her name was the day I found her at the shelter! Brinca means jump in spanish. I work with special needs kids and had a little song, the brinca song, that I sang to them while they were either jumping or working on the bouncy therapy ball.

When I found the dog of my dreams (a 9 months old female Boxer with her natural tail) at the shelter, the shelter staff let me take her in their play area where she could be off leash & we could get to know each other.
Brinca was jumping and doing 360's in mid-air like crazy, she was SO happy to be out of her kennel and have someone to play with. I found myself singing my Brinca Brinca Brinca song so that was her name! My Brinca could jump up and kiss a friend of mine who is 6'5" from a down, always gentle and only brushing his cheek with her whiskers!

Brinca was my heart dog, it was love at first sight for both of us. Sadly, Brinca passed away a year ago, she was only 6.5 years old and she left me much too soon. I still miss her every single day, what a great girl she was!

Posted by: LYNN G | January 11, 2011 11:50 AM    Report this comment

My name is Wendy and my husband's name is Peter. When we were dating our friends and family just couldn't help themselves from making Peter Pan jokes. We didn't mind. When we got engaged the jokes continued but expanded to include references to Michael and John, the Darling boys. We still didn't mind. When we decided to bring a dog into our lives, of course we decided to keep the Peter Pan theme going, so there was only one name to choose...Nana. Our Nana is, among other things, a therapy dog, so I have the opportunity to introduce her to lots of people, especially kids. When I introduce her as Nana, many times the response is "that's what I call my Grandma." To which I always ask "and does your Nana have four legs and a tail like my Nana?" Sometimes I get a laugh, but most of the time I just get a confused look. Nana doesn't mind.

Posted by: Wendy C | January 11, 2011 10:57 AM    Report this comment

Toby Teeth is his name! Chihuahua is his breed! Five years ago, I had a dental procedure that required a drug for relaxation; a friend to drive me to the dentist. After the procedure, she stopped by her house to check on her 7 week old Chihuahua puppies and Moma. I waited in the car for her return. She came out with a fawn, white male Chi she called Toby. She placed him in my lap for the drive home. Once we arrived, in my drug induced state of mind, I wouldn't release the puppy back and insisted he become my new Chi who I called Toby Teeth because I got him the day of my dentist visit. She wanted to be name him after any song Toby Keith sang, but I insisted Toby Teeth. Yes, he is registered as Toby Teeth! He is adored by everyone who meets this wonderful Chihuahua! Toby Teeth is his name and comes with a bonus: he smiles!How perfect a name!

Posted by: ChiLover | January 11, 2011 10:51 AM    Report this comment

I have a "pack" of 3 male miniature schnauzers. When contemplating the addition of the third, I spent hours on the internet looking up names, to no avail. The name he has just popped into my head when I thought, "It's going to be a 3-ring circus." His registered name: Holy Smoke A 3-Ring Circus (Holy Smoke is the literal translation of my last name from German and is part of all my dogs' names) His call name: Barnum.

Posted by: susanschnauzer | January 11, 2011 10:19 AM    Report this comment

On September 11, 2001 I needed a bit of love so went to my local animal shelter. I was looking for a dog to work with on teaching tricks to. I was just getting started on training a group of dogs to perform together so I needed just the right dog to fit into my family. When I got to the shelter I saw several dogs that would be great, but one dog caught my eye. She was a beagle mix and she was just circling in her cage. I knew this was not just excitement, but stress. The closer I got the faster she circled. I took her out and she jumped in my lap and proceeded to lick me all over. It was just the thing I needed on this sad day. I took out some treats and played with her to find that she did the most beautiful stand on her back legs.. like a statue... and because of the day, I thought of the statue of Liberty. A patriotic name to remember the day and honor it. Liberty needed a job, as her neurotic circling was a major issue. But 10 years later she is one of my best working dogs, still curls up in my lap with kisses and will always stand tall like the symbol she was named after!

Posted by: tranerladee | January 11, 2011 9:41 AM    Report this comment

One day on the way to work I found a rat terrier on the side of the road. I picked him up and took him to work with me. When I brought him home later on my husband said NO more dogs... so we were determined not to name him and get attached. For the next month we called him little man since he was the smallest dog in our group. After over a month of looking for his previous owners, and trying to place him in two different homes we decieded to keep him. We thought Little Man was cute but didn't flow for training. Since my husband lived in Hawaii for several years and we plan on going back, we looked up what Little was in Hawaiian. It was Iki. So Iki it was. When we are playing it goes to Iki doodle doo.... Iki was the first name my two year old son picked up and loves to call him Iki dooda doo...

Posted by: tranerladee | January 11, 2011 9:34 AM    Report this comment

In 2000, after numerous deaths in our family (both human and canine), we were desperate for some joy in life and adopted a puppy. They told us he was border collie + lab because he was lab-like, but black and white. They were wrong. He is lab + greyhound ... which was evident when he kept growing and growing.

Anyway, he seemed to have a really good memory as a youngster, so we named him Ginko (as in ginkgo biloba). We like that it's both unusual and that it has a B-i-n-g-o ring to it.

His middle name is Cornelius ... just because it sounds funny.

Posted by: Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart | January 11, 2011 9:30 AM    Report this comment

Our 2 year old Australian Shepherds is named Ketut (K-toot). In 2009 we went on a cruise, and two weeks before had had a litter of wonderful little wiggle bottoms. Even though they had great care with our house sitter (my sister and her kids), we wondered what we were missing.
On our ship we had a room steward whose name was Ketute (from India I think), who cracked us up. He would knock on our door every time he came to the room, to make sure we were ok with his presence or not there and would announce in this almost comic voice "Hello it is Ketute, Ketute here".
When we arrived home, my husband was repeating-in the same high, comic voice, this phrase and one puppy would run to the exercise pen when hearing it. She became known as Ketut from then on. We of course kept her, the little darling..our little Carnival Cruise Caper "Ketut"

Posted by: PawsU | January 11, 2011 8:26 AM    Report this comment

Maddie is a rescue and she came with that name when I go her at 4 1/2 months old. She had come into the rescue group as an owner relinquish with the name Bella (which I just learned was the most popular dog name last year). The group alreay had a Bella on their list so someone dubbed her Maddie. I musg prefer Maddie to Bella.

The poodle I lost to cancer last year was also a rescue who came with an interesting name story. Her call name was Neely, short for Caneel. She was named for a resort (Caneel Bay) in St. John U.S Virgin Islands where the couple who had gotten her from the pound spent their honeymoon.

Posted by: SHERRY G | January 11, 2011 7:51 AM    Report this comment

I recently acquired an Australian Cattle Dog puppy whos farm name was Rebel. I went to go pick up Rebel when he was 6wks old. When I arrived at the farm Rebel was carrying around a stick which weighed more than he did and was also bigger than he was. At this point I realized that Rebel was not the name for him. I realized Hercules was the name. He is still doing this.
I also have a 4yr Cattle Dog named Sampson. He is named after my Best Friends Golden who died a few years ago with the same name. I asked her permission before naming him.

Posted by: misscathy66 | January 11, 2011 7:28 AM    Report this comment

November of 2006 we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our puppy. We would be able to take her home in January. That gave us a few months to think of a suitable name. I pondered for a long time and wanted something kind of unusual, but meaningful and almost couldn't think of anything until a week before we were to go and pick her up.

The name Jasmine - came the morning I was getting my husband's lunch ready for the day.

We regularly eat jasmine rice, and my husband drinks a pot of jasmine tea every day. The epiphany struck like a "well duh" kind of moment when I looked down at the mound of rice on the spoon and loudly proclaimed "Jasmine!" that's what we'll call our new puppy!

Funny thing is, days before I had gone online and chosen the name Maggie for her new dog tags. Thinking that the name would complement a friend's daughter as inspiration.

So that morning I jumped back online and ordered yet another dog tag.

We have always wanted to get a second dog. And that extra dog tag is still in a drawer somewhere, so perhaps there will also be a Maggie in the house someday.

Posted by: annab | January 11, 2011 7:21 AM    Report this comment

My now 13 year old German shepherd is named Jak-N-The Box because at the age of approximately 4-5 weeks old, he had been abandoned in a cardboard box in New Hampshire. I had been thinking of different names but kept coming back to "Jack In The Box" because, well, he was found in a box. :) He was a very feisty puppy and at 5 weeks old had pretty severe resource guarding issues over food -- he appeared quite evil. I thought of Jack Nicholson's character in the movie The Shining and realized that the character's name was also Jack. That made my decision final, my evil little boy would be named Jack In The Box because he was found in a box and he was evil like the character "Jack" in the shining. I changed the spelling to "Jak-N-The Box" at the suggestion of a friend to make the spelling unique.

Posted by: JoyceG | January 11, 2011 7:18 AM    Report this comment

We adopted a darling longhaired chocolate dachshund 2 years ago. His foster name was Manford. Ugh! We picked him up July 3, 2008, so an Independence Day themed name seemed appropriate. Indy?...No. Rocket?...Hmmm...Maybe? Nathan (Hot Dogs)?...didn't stick. For days we struggled. This silly, lively little boy had us in hysterics with his antics. He jumped in the pool after 30 minutes of exploring the yard and meeting his new brothers and sisters. He was a swimmer! A dachshund swimmer? And athlete name? What are we going to call him? After a few days, his sweet lovey-dovey nature set us on the right path...a candy/chocolate name. Reese?...not quite. Clark?....YES! He looks like a Clark Bar. My niece asked why his fanny has light brown markings under his tail. I told her matterof-factly, why that's his peanut butter middle. Clark Bar is our delight and his name suits him perfectly.

Posted by: Paula | January 11, 2011 7:13 AM    Report this comment

Rufus-- mostly red hound mix.
Zed-- the last in the pecking order.
Raffi-- like Raphael, the angel.

Posted by: Sara P | January 11, 2011 7:09 AM    Report this comment

Our feral cats are named for the months they showed up...January is the tamest, it took me until March to do get him calmed down. February is his brother and litter mate, and November and December showed up this year. I volunteer at our shelter and must come up with names for animals that come into the shelter so when these feral cats showed up my brain was too taxed from shelter naming to be creative....but we do celebrate their birthdays on time this way...with a can of tuna.

Posted by: sissy | January 11, 2011 6:56 AM    Report this comment

Our first weim's name was Clevus, when we got our female weim we wanted something to match his...Chloe Louise,we call her Chloe, she is in her 13th year of life...I want to write children's books called The Adventures of Clevus and Chloe! We also have Yukon(12) Mossy(10) Cinny(1)(our shelter dog, and is the color of cinnamon) and our beloved weim BAMA(10) who passed away last year, short for Alabama Crimson Tide, and his name sake won the NCAA national championship right after he passed away, which meant a lot to us, because we still grieve over his death. Our dogs each have their own personal song, the moment I start to sing their song...they step forward. Our dogs are such a huge part of our lives, we just love them so!

Posted by: sissy | January 11, 2011 6:50 AM    Report this comment

My first miniature Dachshund was named Minnie because she was so small. When it came time to get her a mate, it only made sense that his name would be Mickey. They had three puppies, which I kept (now 16 years old). One was blonde so her name became Norma Jean. One was a little chubby kind of a country girl and her name became Peggy Sue. The lone male puppy constantly licked anything and anyone and his name became French.

Posted by: mrhoadesjr | January 11, 2011 6:47 AM    Report this comment

My Perri is named after Perri, of Felix Salten's book. Bright-eyed, and merry... that's my Perri.

My Huckleberry Finn is named because, well, I was searching for a literary charecter who was black and sweet. Jim (from Huck Finn) came to mind. However, I don't like the name. Then my sister reminded me what an awesome boy Huckleberry Finn was, and thus my boy was named. Huckle doesn't paint my picket fence... but perhaps if I actually had one, he would!

Ferril cat in my back yard had a litter. Aramis, Athos, and Porthos were named. Next day I saw she had another kitten. D'Artganan came into the mix.

Cleopatra was sleek and black, and so is my kitten of the same name.

Galileo was an explorer who looked beyond limitations... and so is the feline who lives in my house, with the same name.

Posted by: chettich | January 11, 2011 6:45 AM    Report this comment

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