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senior dog lying down

Ode to a Senior Dog

Not one but two friends said goodbye to their beloved senior dogs in the past week. I read their tributes to their beautiful dogs...
dog boarding kennel

How to Prepare Your Dog for the Boarding Kennel

Once upon a time, all commercial boarding kennels closely resembled old-school animal shelters or puppy mills – you know, a row of narrow chain-link...
dog check up

What To Expect From Your Dog’s Check Up at the Vet

How often your dog should be seen by your veterinarian, and what sort of routine screening diagnostics should be conducted, are highly dependent on...

Do Your Dogs Sense When You’re Leaving On a Trip?

They already know. Even before the carry-on suitcase comes out of the closet, they know. I’m leaving town for a few days. Is it the extra...

Love note to a dog bed

Warning: The following is an ardent product endorsement. Each January, we publish a feature in WDJ called “Gear of the Year,” where we tell subscribers...

Whole Dog Journal Product Review: 2020 Dog Gear of The Year

Have you ever bought a cute but pricey item in a pet supply store, only to have it fail within days – or hours?...
Hind-Leg Weakness in Dogs

What Causes Sudden Hind-Leg Weakness in Dogs?

When a dog suffers from weakness, regardless of cause, it’s usually most noticeable in the hind limbs first. This makes sense, as the dog’s...
dog sleeping on dog bed

When the cost of pet health insurance rises…

I just received the annual renewal notice for my senior dog’s pet health insurance policy, and, sadly, made the decision not to renew it....
dogs playing with collar can injure them

5 Things I Would Never Do With My Dogs

There is a trend on TikTok right now where various experts are sharing “things they would never do” after some years of experience in...
best dry dog food

What’s the Best Dry Dog Food?

What’s the best dry dog food? What should I feed my dog? If we had a dollar for every time we’ve been asked those...

Predatory Behavior

A reader commented on my most recent blog post (about my dog, Woody, coming face-to-face with the first rattlesnake we’ve seen this year). I...

What constitutes a suitable home for a dog?

In last week’s post, I shared the information that I was on the hunt for a dog – searching on behalf of a couple I...