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group dog obedience training

5 Tips for Group Dog Obedience Training

Those of you who have just emerged from your first-ever group dog obedience training class have my sympathies. For the unprepared, that experience can...
force free gundog training

Lessons on Force-Free Dog Training From Gundog Trainers

Ever hear of force-free gundog training? Neither have most of America’s 3 million duck, pheasant, and migrating bird hunters, but what’s new in the...

Dog Training for Beginners

Are you thinking about adopt your first dog? Or, do you already have a dog, but have no clue how to teach him to do anything? No worries! We’ve got dog training tips just for beginners.
Woman sitting with dog on jetty, rear view

Words Matter: Your Dog Training Language

Why the words you use make a difference in your relationship with your dog – and perhaps even the success of your dog training program.
Intelligent disobedience

Intelligent Disobedience

Sometimes, we don’t want a dog to do what we just told the dog to do. Intelligent disobedience, also known as intelligent refusal, is...
diane pach

Is Dog Agility Right for You and Your Dog?

It’s easy to start dog agility training right at home – all you need are a few jumps and the right attitude.
dog in pain

Dog in Pain: 12 Signs and What You Can Do to Help

Your active dog limping or moving in an unfamiliar way may set off mental alarms. Is it a sprain? A pulled muscle? Maybe an...

Professional Dog Training Titles

Not to be outdone by the veterinary profession (See Alphabet Soup
does your dog like to be pet

Does Your Dog Opt In? How to Communicate With Your Dog

You may have acquired your dog with the intent of competing in agility, doing therapy-dog work, or having fun with musical freestyle (dancing with...
leash walking

Polite Leash Walking

The super-fun walks described in our “Walk This Way” article in last month’s issue aren’t always possible; there are times when dogs do need...

Positive Methods for Obedience Training

How to teach your dog to look to you (literally!) for direction. Look is a combination behavior. It is more than the “Leave it” or “Off.” It is more than the ever-popular “watch me.” It involves the dog breaking eye contact with the arousing object, person, or animal (whatever triggers the dog’s manic behavior); turning his head away from that trigger; making eye contact with you; and holding that eye contact until you give a release signal.