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Dog Training for Beginners

Are you thinking about adopt your first dog? Or, do you already have a dog, but have no clue how to teach him to do anything? No worries! We’ve got dog training tips just for beginners.
A dog training platform is used to train a dog to stay.

What Is a Dog Training Platform?

Many trainers use a platform or a box, also called a “place board,” to help a dog understand the concept of remaining in a designated spot. It is is a low, stable surface that is used to help a dog learn to stay in the same spot while changing positions or to learn a formal “stay.”
Choosing to use respectful dog training language with your dog is important for both training and your relationship.

Words Matter: Respectful Dog Training Language

Why the words you use make a difference in your relationship with your dog – and perhaps even the success of your dog training program.
group dog obedience training

5 Tips for Group Dog Obedience Training

Those of you who have just emerged from your first-ever group dog obedience training class have my sympathies. For the unprepared, that experience can...
Puppies are cute, but first time dog owners may not be aware of all they need to know.

What to Know as a First Time Dog Owner

Getting a dog of your own for the first time is a big step. If you're a first time dog owner you need to remember that you're taking responsibility for a living being.
A black labrador retriever pays close attention to its owner's hand command.

How To Train a Deaf Dog

Training a deaf dog requires patience and consistency, just as training a dog who can hear does. While replacing the verbal “sit” with a...
diane pach

Is Dog Agility Right for You and Your Dog?

It’s easy to start dog agility training right at home – all you need are a few jumps and the right attitude.
Nervous dog sitting by owner's leg

How to Build Confidence in a Fearful Dog

Tips for helping your insecure, fearful, or so-called “submissive” dog gain confidence to improve the quality of her life.

What Are “Zoomies” and Why Do Dogs Exhibit This Behavior?

When your dog races around at top speed, seemingly unprovoked and with a wild look in her eye, she hasn’t gone mad – she has a case of the “zoomies!” This is usually a sign of a happy dog, but be aware: Zoomies can also indicate that your dog is stressed.

Professional Dog Training Titles

Not to be outdone by the veterinary profession (See Alphabet Soup
Teaching your dog proper leash manners requires practice.

How to Improve Your Dog’s Leash Manners

I occasionally teach a “leash manners” class at my friend’s dog-training center. In the first class, their hands are all over the place, and cues are, “NO! NO! STOP it!” I almost always see a tiny improvement in week two.