Pet Food Profile: May 2015
Orijen is Champion Petfoods flagship line, with high meat inclusions and high protein levels. All seven of the Orijen foods are grain-free.

Pet Food Profile: May 2015

Champion Petfoods: This Canadian company makes high-quality dry foods with lots of fresh meat.

Champion Petfoods is a privately held company that makes high-protein dry dog foods with a high inclusion of meat, much of it fresh. The company calls its guiding principle “BAFRINO,” an acronym that stands for “biologically appropriate, fresh regional ingredients, never outsourced.” As of this writing, all of Champion’s dry foods are made in its own manufacturing plant in Morinville, Alberta, though the company is currently building a second dry food manufacturing plant in Auburn, Kentucky. Champion also manufactures freeze-dried foods at its own plant in Oakville, Ontario.

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