Take Your Water-Loving Dog Dock Diving!
Dock Diving dogs leap off a platform into a pool in long-jumping, high jumping, and/or speed jumping & swimming contests. For dogs who love water, there is no greater sport.

Take Your Water-Loving Dog Dock Diving!

Ready, Set, Jump!

Summer! It’s the perfect time for dock diving. In this canine sport (also known as dock jumping), the participating dog jumps off an elevated diving platform into a portable pool and the dog with the longest jump is deemed the winner. I think dock diving is possibly the best canine sport for spectator enjoyment. And, if you decide to compete, you can easily redline the FUN meter! Besides the joy of hanging out with my dog by a cool body of water, the one thing I love about the sport is that with just a few dog and handler skills, any person and any breed of dog and size of dog can participate.

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