Whole Dog Journal Tips May 16, 2013

(Walking your dog #2) Tips on Walking Your Dog

Have you ever felt dismayed over the shrinking access for our canine companions? I know that to a large degree we’ve brought it on ourselves by our collective carelessness about proper public and leash-walking etiquette.

Teaching your dog how to walk politely on a leash is more than just a convenience.  When you can walk in public with your dog following your moves, he’s more likely to stay out of trouble. 

Teach your dog the difference between walking and heeling.  Whether you’re teaching “Heel,” or the less formal “Let’s walk!” the correct position for the part of the leash that stretches from you to the dog is slack, hanging down in a valley. Be sure when your dog is with you that you keep the leash slack. If you keep it tight, he’ll think tension in the leash is normal and correct.

For more information on how to reform a puller into a more pleasant walking companion purchase Whole Dog Journal’s Walking Your Dog ebook.

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