Whole Dog Journal Tips May 3, 2011

(Adding A New Dog to a Multi-Dog Household #1) – Plan Ahead

Living with multiple dogs brings a whole new set of challenges. Adding a second (or third, or fourth) dog means more fun, more love, more joy and more wonderful doggy companionship. But it also means much more from you: more time, more money, more energy, and more working through problems.

Pay attention to the type of dog that your dog “likes” as well. While many puppies and young dogs play with just about anyone who will engage, mature dogs often have a few select “friends.” Notice the personalities of your dog’s friends. For example, pay attention if your dog generally does well playing with quiet females, but avoids rowdy adolescents.

For more details and advice on ways to add a new dog to a multi-dog household, purchase Whole Dog Journal's ebook, Managing A Multi-Dog Household.

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