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How to Walk Your Dog


Newly Revised!

Yanking until your arms ache, crossing back and forth in front of you until you’re stumbling over his leash, or dealing with him bolting after a runaway squirrel…all part of a typical dog walk.

But it doesn’t have to be this way – teaching your dog good leash manners is worth every second! And it’s easier than ever, with How to Walk Your Dog, our exclusive eBook that’s a must-have for even the most seasoned “paw-rent.”

Instantly download your copy today. Inside are photo-illustrations that clearly demonstrate exactly how to use target-training methods, how to encourage your dog to walk beside you with a loose-leash, and the correct “heel” position.

Walking your dog is more than just taking him out to do his business. It’s his opportunity to experience a bigger, more exciting world. It’s just up to you to show him how to experience it politely. You can stop the pulling and start the walking with How to Walk Your Dog.

This eBook is available exclusively from Whole Dog Journal; you won’t find it anywhere else!

Instantly download your copy of How to Walk Your Dog today.

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