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Separation Anxiety


Newly Revised!

Overturned furniture, claw gouges, house soiling, non-stop barking — these are all common signs of canine separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a condition in which the dog becomes upset when separated from one or more humans with whom he has hyper-bonded. It is challenging to manage and has a significant impact on quality of life for dogs and their humans. The good news is that the behavior can be modified. With a committed human in his corner, patience, and appropriate interventions, the dog suffering from this behavior can be helped.

Learn how to identify and correct this behavior with this new instructional guide from Whole Dog Journal. SEPARATION ANXIETY gives you a defined 5-phase protocol with related behavior-modification strategies to help dogs overcome their terror of being left alone. You’ll learn:

  • What to do with your dog before you leave
  • When you should put your keys in your pocket or purse
  • Why to stop the “huggy/kissy” goodbyes

So start eliminating both your dogs and your separation anxiety, order your downloadable e-book of SEPARATION ANXIETY today!