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Love Has No Age Limit


It takes a special person to adopt a mature dog, but we’ve all had that moment just after you bring your new family member home when you think, “What did I get myself into?” Let “Love Has No Age Limit” ease your mind, and help you smoothly transition your new dog to his different surroundings.

Written with compassion and clarity by Patricia B. McConnell and Karen B. London, “Love Has No Age Limit” will have you ready from the moment you walk out of the adoption center.  With specific instructions on how best to prepare your home, recognizing and soothing anxiety, when to begin potential training, even where to best position his food bowl, “Love Has No Age Limit” will teach you to turn a potentially stressful situation into a comfortable one.

Brought to you from The Whole Dog Journal, “Love Has No Age Limit” is as valuable for the first-time adopter as it is for the “seasoned-pro”.  With it you’ll learn how to:

– Build a Relationship

– Develop Trust

– Recognize Anxiety

– Ease Fears

– Create Comfortable Surroundings

– Become Lifetime Partners!

When you adopt a mature dog you’re also adopting his experiences – some of which you might know (or at least what they knew at the shelter) – and many that are unknown.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t provide the comfort that will make him feel like he’s found the “right home”.

“Love Has No Age Limit” is your manual for successfully introducing – and maintaining – a stress-free, happy environment for your new, mature dog. Order your copy today!

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