Growling – Understanding Your Dog’s Language



Unless your dog’s protecting you, it’s a sound you don’t want to hear.  But growling is a valuable means of communication for your dog, and it’s a language that’s important for you to understand.  Let Growling be your translation guide.

Brought to you from the editors of The Whole Dog Journal, Growling – Understanding Your Dog’s Language will immediately become an important resource for you by explaining:

  • Why your dog growls (is it stress or pain?)
  • How punishing a growl will lead to biting without warning
  • What easy-to-use techniques will make your dog less compelled to growl

Plus, Growling will teach you how to identify your dog’s “stressors” (one is a common household appliance!), what to do first if your dog growls, and how to recognize if your dog is resource guarding.

Growling is an important part of your dog’s speech – learn to understand it and how to prevent it from becoming a bite, with this unique publication.  Order your downloadable ebook today!