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Growling – Understanding Your Dog’s Language


As a dog owner, one of your dream superpowers might be to understand what your dog is trying to communicate to you. If only you could clearly understand what her barks, growls, and other noises mean so you could meet her needs more effectively.

While we unfortunately can’t give you the superpower to fully understand your furry friend’s language, the experts with Whole Dog Journal can give you valuable insight into what your beloved friend might need and want through listening to his growls. Is he excited? Does he crave your attention? Has something scared him? By paying attention to some key cues, you can more readily cater to his well-being and improve your bond. 

In Whole Dog Journal’s latest downloadable e-book, Growling, you’ll learn more about this common behavior and what your dog might be trying to tell you. By understanding your pet’s habits, sounds, and triggers, you can more confidently decipher your dog’s growls and even learn how to alleviate territorial growling before it becomes more problematic.

Growling contains insightful information about this behavior as well as advice that dog owners can put into action immediately to understand more about their four-legged friends’ growling habits. Topics covered in this practical guide include:

  • Analyzing situations to determine the cause of growling
  • Evaluating environmental stressors to alleviate growling
  • Implementing behavior modification strategies
  • Understanding how growling is an effective communication strategy
  • Eliminating aggressive growling and guarding behaviors

Download this insightful e-book today to boost your growling IQ and learn how to use your pet’s growling to help her lead a less stressful life by alleviating triggers.

Growling is available ONLY from Whole Dog Journal. Download your e-book today to better understand your dog’s growling language to create a happier, quieter, and less aggressive way of life for you and your dog.