Features February 2019 Issue

Whole Dog Journal's 2019 Approved Dry Dog Food List

The verbiage and imagery on dog food labels has gotten ridiculous. Weíd like to think that people donít pay any attention to most of this nonsense, but all indications are that they do!

Whole Dog Journal's 2019 Approved Dry Dog Food List

Increasingly, fads and trends are influencing the dog food makersí formulations and marketing Ė and thatís not generally a good thing.

I honestly donít think that weíve earned either distinction. In my view, itís the pet-food company marketing departments that are largely responsible for many beneficial and deleterious developments in the pet food industry in the past 20 years. Marketing claims have run completely amok! And in some cases, their success has been detrimental to our dogs. But letís trace the history of this thing. There are some good lessons to be learned here if you want to feed your dog products that will promote rather than impair his health.

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