New Dog on the Horizon?



Are you thinking about getting a new dog, or getting ready to bring home a new puppy? Perfect timing! This is an ideal issue for you, as it contains a lot of information that could get a new dog owner off on the right track, and avoid a lot of costly and upsetting mistakes.

Take, for example, “How to Pick a Winner,” featuring the suggestions of trainer Sue Sternberg, nationally known for her work with shelter managers and shelter dogs. Her instructions on conducting a temperament evaluation on dogs you are thinking about bringing home from the shelter could easily make the difference between bringing home an emotionally and behaviorally difficult dog and one who is readily able to bond and blend seamlessly with your family.

Training Editor Pat Miller’s “Learning to Be Alone” should be required reading for anyone bringing home a new dog or puppy. If people followed her suggestions for the first few days of dog ownership, the incidence of separation anxiety would be vastly reduced.

“A Positive Influence,” written by positive trainer Mardi Richmond, can help anyone who is thinking about hiring a trainer or joining a training class. As Richmond points out, there are wide-ranging and long-term ramifications of your choice of teachers; choose carefully.

In addition, reading Dr. Jean Hofve’s analysis of a recently published “study” of raw food diets will enable you to confidently spar with anyone who cites the study as reason not to feed “raw.”

And CJ Puotinen’s article about alternative and complementary treatments for Lyme disease will alert you to the myriad signs of the disease – which may recur throughout a dog’s life.

And if you’re not getting a new dog soon, don’t worry. Hang onto this issue anyway, because it’s a certainty that a dog lover like you will find yourself with another dog sooner or later.

-By Nancy Kerns