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First Aid

Comfort Your Dog

There is absolutely no evidence, not one bit, suggesting that providing comfort and security to a distressed dog causes the dogs anxiety or fear to increase. Why then, does this myth persist among dog owners and even with some trainers? Why are owners still advised to ignore their dog when he is distressed or anxious or fearful, as if providing any attention to the dog will reinforce those emotions?

Reporting Dogs’ Adverse Reactions is Your Duty

It seems that is rare for a week to go by that we dont hear about - or even experience - yet another pet illness or reaction to animal food, drugs, vaccines, or pesticides. At times, Whole Dog Journals articles and blog posts will include the advice to report any adverse events. And its excellent advice - so heres when, how, and why you should report these events.

Torn Cruciate Ligaments in Dogs

A cranial cruciate ligament injury in a young, healthy dog is typically an athletic injury. In older dogs, it is usually an injury of chronic wear and tear. This explains why its so common for a dog who has damaged the CrCL on one side to then tear it on the other side. When you take one back leg out of commission, the work load shifts to the other, increasing the strain on the ligaments of the good leg.

Can I See Your Dog’s ID?

It is wise to make sure your dog is always wearing identification, with up-to-date contact information! Ideally, your dogs tags have enough information that anyone who might find your dog could contact you directly, 24/7, in the event that she darts out, gets lost on a hike, etc. There are many options for you to employ!

How to Treat Dog Wounds

complications from incorrect bandaging can be severe. The original wound on this foot was bandaged for several days by the owner. The dog was seen at a veterinarian's office after the bandage became wet and had an odor."
dog cut paw pad

Dog Paw Cuts and Scrapes: How to Treat a Paw Injury

Your dog's paw pads act much like the soles of sneakers, protecting your dog's foot and cushioning each step. Paw pads are tough, but they can still be cut by sharp objects or worn off if your dog runs hard on rough terrain. What should you do when your dog cuts or tears a pad?

Help Heal Your Dog with Common Herbs

All I could hear was the buzz of a thousand bees as I parted my way through a deep thicket of Heracleum lanatum, a tall, broad-leaved member of the parsley family commonly known as cow parsnip." The big
dog being held upside down

What To Do If Your Dog Gets Motion Sickness

meant to help the vestibular apparatus develop properly. This is thought to help prevent vestibular disease and motion sickness later in the puppy's life."

First Aid Kits for Dogs: What You Want, What You Need, and What’s Inessential

Every owner should have a first-aid kit for their dogs. But what should be included in that kit? If you're looking for a definitive answer, you'll need to pull out your crystal ball, because there's no telling what you might need in an emergency, since there are infinite ways your dog can be injured. To be prepared for every possible scenario, you'd need a fully stocked van. It really can't be done – and shouldn't be done – because that's not what first aid" is all about. "

How to Properly Examine Your Dog

because Otto wasn't growling or trying to get away. He would benefit from some counter-conditioning.üThis dog loves being petted – but panics when being even gently restrained. He would benefit from some counter-conditioning, so he forms the same sort of positive association he has with being petted as he does with being held or restrained.üThis dog is uncomfortable with being touched on the head. The handler is feeding her a treat that she likes, but you can tell the dog's backward-leaning posture and tightly tucked tail that the proximity of the petting hand and the handler's body has the dog obviously over her threshold for comfort.üThat's better! When the handler leans back a bit, and feeds the treat with her hand near, but not on the dog's head, the dog relaxes a bit. Her tail is still tucked, though, telling us she is near her threshold.
Hydrogen peroxide

How to Make A Dog Throw Up

Say your dog swallows a golf ball or your daughter's teddy bear. Depending on the size of your dog versus the object, inducing vomiting might be a good idea, but many times, the object needs to be removed with an endoscope. In these cases, confer with your veterinarian regarding the probability that the object could make it back up your dog's throat if vomiting was induced.

How to Give Your Dog a Home Health Examination

Who among us has not fretted over a seemingly sick dog, wondering whether we bring him into the emergency vet clinic – or wait until morning? Pretty much every dog owner has done it at some point. And most of us have probably frustrated the heck out of the vet’s receptionist. Telling her that the dog is “just not himself!” doesn’t give her a lot to go on; it leaves her no choice but to advise us to bring the dog in! It’s far more helpful to all concerned if you first examine your own dog, gathering solid information about his condition, before calling the vet.

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We’ve all got stories about terrible things that we’ve seen or heard about that happened at a dog park. I would argue that there are just as many potentially aggressive humans at these parks as there are dogs who exhibit aggressive behavior.