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Bergamasco sheepdog knocking at window

How to Stop Your Dog from Scratching Door

Preventing your dog from scratching your doors starts with understanding why he wants in or out and dealing with those needs. Then you can teach him a better communication method.
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Jealousy Aggression

Dealing with a jealous dog? What to do if your dog seems aggressive out of jealousy.
Dog aggression modification is a long term behavior modification best performed by professionals.

Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

Canine aggressive behavior can result in euthanasia, often because owners do not know the warning signs of aggression nor understand the causes and do not know how to prevent harm to people or other animals.
Nervous dog sitting by owner's leg

How to Build Confidence in a Fearful Dog

Tips for helping your insecure, fearful, or so-called “submissive” dog gain confidence to improve the quality of her life.
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Why Does My Dog Constantly Lick Stuff?

A dog’s relentless licking is most frequently related to pain, illness, or injury, but it also could be his way of exploring the world or just telling you he cares about you.
A cute English Springer Spaniel Dog, lying down in a field licking his paw surrounded by daisy flowers.

Why Does My Dog Lick His Paws Raw?

If your dog is licking his paws red and raw, don’t ignore it. The problem is unlikely to go away on its own, but we have some remedies you can try on your own.

What Are “Zoomies” and Why Do Dogs Exhibit This Behavior?

When your dog races around at top speed, seemingly unprovoked and with a wild look in her eye, she hasn’t gone mad – she has a case of the “zoomies!” This is usually a sign of a happy dog, but be aware: Zoomies can also indicate that your dog is stressed.
Brown Chihuahua Dog licking her paw or back foot

Why Dogs Bite Their Feet and Nails

Does your dog bite his feet or chew on his nails? There are a number of potential medical reasons for this – but it might just be a habit.
male and female pomeranian dog mating, Mating of pet.

Don’t Try to “Unstick” Dogs After Mating

When dogs mate, they will usually “get stuck” together. Attempting to “unstick” dogs that are mating can result in serious harm to one or both dogs. Instead, keep them calm and just wait for them to separate naturally.
Beautiful purebred jack russell terrier.

Why Is My Dog Twitching in His Sleep?

Is a dog twitching while asleep actually having a seizure?
Dog barking at a Cat, cambering up a Garden Fence

Why Do Dogs Bark?

While it may seem like it, dogs do not bark without a reason.
Man picking up some dog poop

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop?

And how you can keep them out of the cat’s litter box.

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