Welcome to the new Whole Dog Journal website!


We’re pleased to present to you Whole Dog Journal’s brand-new website. On the site, you’ll find every article we’ve ever published, going back to our first issue in 1998. In addition to the articles featured in the publication, the site includes all of Nancy’s blogs and other content created exclusively for the web.

Most of the content on the site is free and open to all users. Some content, including our annual food reviews and issue PDFs, are available to paid subscribers only. To subscribe, click here. Whole Dog Journal also sells books and ebooks on topics including nutrition, training, care and health.

If you are a paid subscriber and enjoyed access to all content our old site, you will need to reset your password on the new site. Sign in at the top of the page using your email address and click on reset password.

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The site has been reviewed and tested by our staff but there may still be some unexpected glitches hiding in the site. We ask for your patience as we correct these errors.

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  1. Love the new website, love WDJ. I’ve been a subscriber since 2005 and it is great to have access to WDJ content “through the ages.” Instead of researching the web (so often a waste of time sifting through ads, soapboxes and just plain incorrect information designed to get you to buy something), I know I can go directly to WDJ for science-based, objective behavior, training, health, food, and gear recommendations. Keep up the great work, Nancy and WDJ team, and thank you!

  2. I used to be able to cleanly print an article. I can no longer do that. I would be happy to down load an issue as pdf, but then I don’t have the most recent updates to an article. Please advise as how I can print an article with the most recent updates, but without the links on the right hand side. I like to print out the product reviews so that I can look at them while I search the internet and order items.

  3. I cannot get access to the content I want, despite being a subscriber. I can’t get a new password because I get the message saying my e-mail address isn’t found.

    If I could access to the recommended food list again, I would post this question there: if WDJ believes that most dogs don’t need a grain-free food, why are almost all the top-rated foods grain-free? Perhaps it would be good to have two lists, one of grain-free and one with grains.

    Thank you.

    • I think the new platform is requiring almost everyone (if not everyone, I’m not clear on this) to reset their passwords (select a new password). Even *I* had to, lol. — Nancy Kerns, Editor

  4. I’m trying to do something as simple as get a pdf download of a past issue and I cannot do it. Regardless of the date of the issue I type in the search box, the only download I can get is the June 2019 issue. What to do?

    • Melanie – please be sure you are logged in as a subscriber. If you are, from the home page, scroll down to the image of the current issue, There you will see a button – DIGITAL ISSUES. Clicking it will take you to all of the issues.

  5. I just want to say how much I love all things Woody! …..I can never get enough. That’s all I wanted to say….I just love Woody! 😄 (he reminds me so much of my dog Sarah, who died 3 years ago. He looks just like her and his personality seems the same….he just makes me smile! Thank you for always including him!)