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Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

Low-maintenance and low-energy dog breeds may be the answer for some older adults, but not for everyone. You need to adopt the dog you want and can handle safely.
vitamins for senior dogs

Vitamins for Senior Dogs

The best senior dog vitamins are the ones your dog needs and that have an NASC seal on them.
senior woman with large dog

Straight talk for senior adopters

The older we get, the more we need a backup plan for our dogs, in the event of our deaths.
best dog food for senior dogs

Protein and Senior Dogs: Does My Dog Need a High, Moderate, or Low Protein...

I just used WDJ’s new searchable dry dog food database to look for potential new foods to feed my 14-year-old dog, Otto. One goal...
The human hands wearing blue sterile gloves, holding dachshund head, show to the camera dog teeth without one front tooth. Veterinarian in white coat checking animal dental health.

Senior Dog Is Losing Teeth

Tooth loss is somewhat preventable in senior dogs, as it is in humans, but you need to start dental care sooner rather than later.
senior dog lying down

Ode to a Senior Dog

Not one but two friends said goodbye to their beloved senior dogs in the past week. I read their tributes to their beautiful dogs...
dog check up

What To Expect From Your Dog’s Check Up at the Vet

How often your dog should be seen by your veterinarian, and what sort of routine screening diagnostics should be conducted, are highly dependent on...
Dogs have problems with oral cavity, limestone, gingivitis, tooth decay. bad teeth dog.

Tooth Extractions in Dogs

Symptoms of dog tooth extraction complications start with a hesitation to eat.
Yorkshire Terrier dog is sick and refuses to eat. No appetite, sadness, depression.

When Your Older Dog Won’t Eat

Dogs don’t stop eating for no reason.
scared shelter dog

Think About It

If something happened to you, would your dog be welcome in (and able to fit into) someone else’s home and family? If something happened to...
Smart dog is looking for delicious dried treats in intellectual game and eating them, close up. Intellectual game for dogs. and training of nose work with pet. brain game training for dogs

Scent Games for Dogs

Scent work is a natural way for dogs to enjoy a game and be enriched.
Man playing tug of war with dog in park

Eight Rules for Playing Tug With Your Dog

Why tug is a GOOD game to play with your dog, and how to do it safely.