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Beyond The Back Yard


Can your dog sit, come, stay, and walk nicely on a leash in the local park? When guests come to the door? What about if a squirrel darts into the road?

If you answered “not so much,” this is exactly the book for you.

Beyond the Back Yard: Train Your Dog to Listen Anytime, Anywhere!  is a revolutionary guide by acclaimed dog-trainer and WDJ contributor Denise Fenzi that will help you to understand how your dog learns, so you can teach him potentially life-saving communication techniques.

This book provides a plan that teaches your dog to cooperate away from home, with interesting things going on around him, and without a cookie in your hand.

Denise’s do-it-yourself program shows your how to understand:

  • How your dog learns, and why positive reinforcement training strengthens the bond between you and your dog. If he’s off-leash and you call him, he should return because he wants to, not because he’s avoiding punishment.
  • What motivates your dog. Denise outlines how to rank “motivators” (petting, high value treats, a walk in the park), and goes on to explain how to use the value of a motivator to help your dog learn in a distracting setting.
  • How to identify what your dog already knows. Does he sit on command when you’re seated? If he only does so when you’re standing, it’s because you’ve changed the context. Denise lays out the steps to figuring out what distracts him, and what doesn’t.
  • When it’s appropriate to start going off-leash. Taking the leash off too-early in training can be disastrous. Denise’s concise instructions show not only how, but when to start off-leash training.

If you’re a serious dog parent, you’ll regret not purchasing this relationship-changing guide. Don’t miss out, order Beyond the Back Yard today.

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