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The newest online course from Whole Dog Journal

Walking Your Dog

How to transform your daily walks into fun and rewarding “team exercises”

Let this dynamic new online course show you how to give your dog the healthful workout he needs with the control, communication, safety, and certainty you want.

Whether you’re a new dog parent or if dogs have always been part of your life, you know that dog walking is not a straight line. There are twists and turns—and there’s more than a little to learn to make those daily walks fun and fulfilling for both your dog and for you.

“Walking” is not the natural pace for a dog. He would much rather be running, chasing, and following his doggie instincts, wherever they may take him. “Walking” in many ways, is an accommodation to us.

You’ll shatter the roadblocks and pave the way to great walks with successful strategies (and secrets) from top trainers!

New from Whole Dog Journal, this course gives you the tools to foster cooperation, strengthen attention, rebuff distractions, and build teamwork that will stand the test. The course is impactful, engaging, and effective.

In Walking Your Dog you’ll find valuable guidance for determining the best ways, whens, and wheres, to walk your dog. You’ll know what is reasonable and practical based on your dog’s age, physical condition, temperament, and exercise needs.

You’ll be able to burnish your dog’s behavior on-leash and off. You’ll learn how to use target-training methods, how to encourage your dog to walk beside you with a loose-leash, and the correct “heel” position.

And did you know that studies show that dog owners are four times more likely than other people to meet today’s physical activity guidelines? That’s right, your dog is your trainer too! You’ll find tips to amp up your own cardio-benefits with changes-of-pace that will please your pooch as well.

More than good “business.” It’s your gateway to the joy of walking with a confident and composed canine companion

Of course, for your dog, the daily walk (or two) is a necessity. Walking Your Dog will show you how to better control where he takes care of business. But of course, walks should be more. They should be an opportunity for your dog to experience a bigger, more exciting world.

You’ll be able to make that happen. In this course you’ll learn how to encourage and reward good leash behavior. You’ll master a simple positioning trick that can deflate tugging…a “cueless” technique to steady an over-ready pup… and two resistance training exercises your dog will love.

As much as you are a team, you are the captain. Your commands should be clear and consistent to make the teamwork at its best. The course will show you how to refine your cues and commands to avoid confusion and training setbacks and assure responsive and attentive understanding.

And as much as we’d like every day to be gentle sunshine, you and your dog will have to venture out into inclement and uncomfortable weather. In two trouble-saving lessons, the course will show how to keep your dog safe in summer heat and winter chill. You’ll learn how to protect paws from ice-melting chemicals…prevent heat stress…and maintain hydration.

Walking Your Dog comes to you from Whole Dog Journal, recognized for its pioneering efforts in promoting natural dog care and positive training. Whole Dog Journal’s authoritative guidance and independent, unbiased evaluations make it the trusted go-to resource for caring dog owners.

You’ll find a host of important, time-and-trouble-saving evaluations in Walking Your Dog. You’ll learn which accessories are must-haves and which to avoid.

You’ll discover the best collar for dogs who are escape artists. You’ll find why you should say “no” to no-pull harnesses …a gentle tool for increased owner control…and the keys to proper collar fit.

And for when you and your dog are ready to hit the road, Walking Your Dog has practical advice for car safety, for scouting new walks, hikes, and trails, and much more!

Walking Your Dog will send you on your way!

A great walk is one where the connection is much more than a leash. It’s a shared experience waiting at our doorstep. It’s a daily invitation for you to savor and strengthen your affirming bond with your dog.

This timely learning package is packed with illuminating slides and lessons, instructive topic pages, interactive quizzes, and more. This course will set you on the course for walks that will reward you and your dog each and every day. Don’t wait. Order Walking Your Dog now!

A course that will fit your schedule and exceed your expectations!

  • Get information you can use from a source you can trust

  • Learn from America’s leading dog experts where and when it’s convenient for you

  • Watch, pause, and watch again as often as you want

  • Share the learning experi-ence with your family and other dog lovers.

  • Includes instructive lessons, expandable topic pages, informative bonus resources, and challenging quizzes!

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Learn at home—with a course that covers all the bases!

From etiquette to exercise…from the essentials of off-leash walking to the accessories that add to fun and safety, Walking Your Dog is instructive and empowering.

Sections include…

Dog Walking Basics and Beyond

Basic dog walking manners…Steps for walking an overexcited dog… Why dogs pull…Weather-Wise Walking…How to spot a dog in danger…Types of Workout Walks… Making it rewarding for your dog

Training for Dog Walking

6 reinforcers for good behavior… Teaching your dog to walk on a leash…How-tos of free-walking …Solutions to common challenges …Benefits of off-leash walking… Perfecting off-leash reliability…8 off-leash do’s and don’ts.

Dog-Walking Goods and Gear

How long should a leash be…Collar or harness: which is better…flat vs. limited-slip collars…front-clip harnesses…tips to prevent motion sickness…the ideal doggie first-aid kit.

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This interactive course is packed with proven and positive training techniques and important dog care skills including…

  • Tricks and tips to keep your dog ready and responsive to your recall cues

  • Three ways to reinforce good behavior without resorting to or relying on food treats

  • Squirrel!! How to out-tempt even the biggest temptations

  • How to thwart advances of an aggressive dog and keep your dog calm at the same time.

  • Win the Tug War: The best harness for dogs that pull

  • Bonus Video: What to do if your dog needs emergency care.

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