“How to Read a Dog Food Label” Live Webinar Event Recording

Did you miss the live event "How to Read a Dog Food Label"?

Featuring Nancy Kerns, editor of Whole Dog Journal, in a dynamic presentation recorded live followed by a Q&A session to addressing the audiences specific questions about selecting the right food for their dogs.

Here’s Why You Want this Webinar…

There’s one decision you make every day that affects your dog’s health, vitality, and longevity like no other. You know what it is. It’s what to feed him..

Quite simply, the first thing that should go into your dog’s bowl is thought! The pet store shelves and cases are crammed with dog foods with fancy labels and too often, fanciful promises. But which dog foods—wet, dry, or raw frozen—deliver the most wholesome nutrition for your dog?

The answers are in this new webinar called “How to Read a Dog Food Label.” In this presentation, Whole Dog Journal’s editor, Nancy Kerns offers a comprehensive guide for selecting the best foods for your dog. You’ll learn what should be in the bag, can, or tub—and equally important, what shouldn’t be. You’ll know what to look for on the label before you put anything in the bowl.

Over an hour of actionable information to learn how to improve your dog’s nutrition, health and his life. More than 40 minutes of the webinar contains questions from dog owners like yourself to our founding editor Nancy Kerns and her expert answers. With this webinar, you’ll become an expert in the dog food aisle and be able to easily sort through the labeling confusion.

Add years of health, happy companionship with your dog for less than the cost of a week’s worth of food. Download this webinar instantly for just $8.95.