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The Puppy-Raising Challenge
Nancy Tucker, a professional dog trainer in Quebec, recently adopted a nine-week-old Border Terrier puppy she named Bennigan. After decades of adopting adult rescue dogs, she wanted to do everything in her power to raise the best-adjusted dog she could. Imagine her surprise at learning how exhausting life with a healthy, energetic puppy can be!

The Puppy-Raising Challenge

Managing and training a young puppy can be exhausting, even for highly experienced dog trainers. Here are tips for taking some of the pressure off.

I’ve been a professional dog trainer for 10 years. I’ve tackled all kinds of behavior issues ranging from mild annoyances, like jumping up, to serious aggression or anxiety problems. I’ve doled out training and management advice to dog-owning families expecting babies (of the human kind), guided adopters in their selection of a puppy or adult dog, and counseled clients on what to do after their shiny new puppy finally arrives. I’ve taught group classes of various themes, including puppy kindergarten – so many puppy classes, I’d heard and seen it all.

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