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City Dogs: Keeping Courtesy
Dogs can thrive in a small apartment in a big-city environment, as long as their owners proactively manage and train them, and work with their neighbors to resolve any problems that might arise.

City Dogs: Keeping Courtesy

How to live harmoniously with hounds (and other people) in apartments and condominiums.

If I were to choose two words to summarize how to live harmoniously with dogs in apartment buildings it would be “with consideration.” It really is no different than how we should strive to treat our neighbors even when pets are not involved. For example, before having a party, it’s considerate to inform your neighbors that you will be entertaining, invite them to join in on the fun, and be mindful of not being excessively noisy late in the evening. Similarly, if one has a dog, check in with your neighbors from time to time to make sure that Rocky is not driving them crazy with his whining and barking.

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