Whole Dog Journal’s Approved Dry Dog Food List

Is expensive dog food really better for your dog? The adage “You get what you pay for” has never been as true as when facing the cost of dry dog food. Finding the cheapest high-quality dog food is an art - here's how to find the sweet spot between quality and cost.

The food you give your dog plays a critical role in his well-being, both on a daily basis and long-term. He needs a diet with the right nutrients to keep him active, happy, and healthy. And make no mistake: Not all dog foods are created equal. Since 1998, The Whole Dog Journal has been proving that much in an annual review and ratings of dry dog foods. Dog food brands like Champion Petfoods’ Orijen, Diamond’s Taste of the Wild, and Merrick have been regulars on the Whole Dog Journal Approved list in recent years, as have Bench & Field and Wellpet’s Wellness, among many others.

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