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The 2017 Best Canned Dog Food Review

The 2017 Best Canned Dog Food Review

Whole Dog Journal's canned dog food reviews are designed to help you make conscious, educated decisions on which store-bought wet food will best suit your dog. This year, we pay attention to the ways switching your dog's food up is actually a responsible thing to do.

Which canned dog food is best? What is wet dog food made out of? What common ingredients of canned dog food do I NOT want my dog eating? Since the start of Whole Dog Journal 20 years ago, we have worked to seek out and highlight the pet food companies who are dedicated to high quality dog food ingredients, fair prices, and national accessibility. There are more "healthy" and "natural" dog food options than ever before; WDJ is here to separate the truly good canned dog food from just the well-marketed ones.

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