Whole Dog Journal Tips March 16, 2015

(On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals #2) How to Identify and Use Calming Signals - Turning Away

Turning the side or back to someone is very calming. When dogs play together rather wildly, some of them will start turning their side or back to the others in between playing, to make things calm down a little.

Your dog may use this signal when another dog growls or behaves threateningly towards him in some way, such as running up to him too quickly. He may also use it if you speak in a very cross voice or go up to him when he feels that you are angry. When young dogs pester older ones, the older often turns back to make them calm down. When you jerk at the leash your dog may turn away from you, maybe pulling even more.

You can use this signal yourself when a dog shows signs of nervousness or aggression towards you. If he jumps up at you, turn away, and more often than not he will stop.

To learn more about signals your dog gives you and the world and how to use them, purchase On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals from Whole Dog Journal.

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